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net neutrality in india

  • India prohibits price gouging and is one of the strongest in the world 'net neutrality management' clearly maintains net neutrality, although legislation related to it has not yet been created.
  • The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) banned differential pricing of data services in February 2016.
    • For example, in the year 2014 Airtel wanted to launch a scheme under which Different charges for both voice calls and video calls It was being considered to determine.
  • TRAI has issued a consultation paper on regulatory framework for services like Viber, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Hike etc. public reactions Has demanded. It focuses on OTTs and their licensing.

Global law on net neutrality

  • chile, In July 2010, it became the first country to enact a law on net neutrality principles.
  • Nations can be divided into three categories based on the measures taken on net neutrality-
    • Lack of specific solution: Generally the existing mechanisms or laws are considered sufficient to solve the problem. as example Australia, South Korea, New Zealand countries like
    • Some Regulatory Measures: This includes ensuring transparency, reducing switching barriers, meeting minimum quality of service requirements, etc. Countries like European Commission, Japan, United Kingdom come as examples.
    • Specific legislative measures: It applies net neutrality principles (Internet access without restriction or discrimination) subject to Internet governance and other exemptions, such as Brazil, Chile, France, Netherlands, Singapore, USA, etc.

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