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recently Strategic Forces Command New version of medium range ballistic missile successfully tested under the auspices of Andaman and Nicobar Islands Was done in.

  • Popaye Missile: Popeye, manufactured by Israel, is a medium-range conventional missile with a range of approximately 90 km. Is.
  • SPICE (Smart Precise Impact and Cost Effective- SPICE): SPICE Guidance Kit-2000 To 'Standard 2000-pound MK 84 'un-guided bomb' Has been conducted on. This converts it into a smart guided air-to-surface weapon with a strike range of 60 km. Till then.
    • it 'Fire and Forget' Type of weapon, which can automatically engage its target after launch only through its navigation system.

Crystal Maze 2

  • this one Stand-off Range Technology with air-to-surface but to kill ballistic missile is, which ROCKS It is also known as and it has been manufactured by Israel.
  • This missile was launched by the Indian Air Force Sukhoi-30 fighter jet Has been launched from.
  • in this missile Popeye and Spice Many technologies have been incorporated and these missiles can be used balakot attack Was done in.


  • this missile distance more than 250 kilometers Has the ability to hit the target located at.
  • this from long distance attack on fortified positions Is capable of doing.
  • This missile can be used in war scenarios accuracy and reliability Therefore, it is a better choice for missions involving 'surgical' precision.
  • use of this missile diverse combat situations which increases its operational flexibility and effectiveness.
  • it Effectively in areas deprived of GPS Works from. For example, India had to face this during the Kargil war.
  • It can also penetrate areas protected by air defense systems.
  • This system facilitates the explosion, allowing it to reach the surface and Strong underground facilities targeting both Makes it suitable for.

Reason for naming ballistic missile

  • Ballistic missiles follow a ballistic flight path, which involves three phases of flight-
    • First stage or boost stage: The solid-fuel propels the missile's engine upward, allowing it to rapidly gain velocity and altitude when entering the dense layers of the Earth's atmosphere.
    • Second phase of flight (Unpowered Phase): It takes place in the upper layer of the Earth's atmosphere, where the missile travels on its pre-determined path without the power of its engine.
      • This mid-way stage It is known as (Mid-course Phase) and during this time it moves on a horizontal path.
      • During launch the missile reaches space or the upper atmosphere, where it faces minimal resistance.
    • Third and final step: In this phase the missile comes back down into the Earth's atmosphere and hits its target as per the instructions of its system.

Strategic Forces Command (SFC)

  • It is also sometimes known as the Strategic Nuclear Command, which is India's Nuclear Command Authority Is part of.
    • Nuclear Command Authority (NCA): It is responsible for control and decisions regarding India's nuclear weapons programme.
  • SFC controls the country's nuclear arsenal, while DRDO development of weapon systems and related military technologies Is responsible for.
  • its formation January 4, 2003 Was done.
  • It includes personnel of the Indian Army, Navy and Air Force.
  • Commander-in-Chiefusually a three-star general, is appointed by rotation from the three services.

importance for india

The Indian Air Force (IAF) has successfully tested this missile and a target has been set to manufacture it in large numbers under the 'Make in India' initiative. The move demonstrates India's dedication to achieving self-reliance in defense manufacturing.

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