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recently in india Israeli Embassy, In collaboration with a non-profit organization, as part of Earth Day celebrations officially 'Million Miyawaki Project' Has joined.

About the Million Miyawaki Project

  • It is a community led initiative, aimed at providing affordable housing in tight urban spaces. large scale afforestation in Indian cities through To improve air quality.
  • Objective: Under this project, Delhi-NCR By creating the Miyawaki Plantation, similar to a 'forest' of 600 trees in planting one million trees Attempts have been made to include 30 different locally-sourced species.

About Miyawaki Technique

  • Developer: Miyawaki, Japanese botanist in the 1980s akira miyawaki It is a technique developed by.
  • Objective: one in just ten years by growing a dense forest in a small space Creating more green areas, which usually takes up to a hundred years.

Features of Miyawaki technique

  • Planting multi-layered forests in this Including those that grow fast. This type of plantation of native forests Similar to natural biodiversity.
  • In this method Two to four species of trees are planted per square meter.
  • In the process of planting, only on a large scale self-sustaining (autotrophic) plants is selected.
  • Like giving fertilizer and water The need for routine maintenance is reduced.

Benefits of Miyawaki Plantation

  • Ecological impacts of mining activities Mitigation of.
  • restoration of biodiversity
  • Ecosystem To enhance services.
  • carbon sink Developing the pool.
  • for local communities livelihood opportunities render.
  • Sustainable development To promote.
  • Interdependence between plants in this technique Help each other in development.
    • Trees grow much faster using this method compared to traditional methods.
  • This technique takes less time Full grown dense forest (20 feet high) in (two years) Helps in growing.
  • These small plots mini forests This will help in revolutionizing the paradigm of urban afforestation.

Drawbacks of Miyawaki Technique

  • Decrease in diversity of trees: In this plantation system, preference is mainly given to certain trees such as timber trees, thereby reducing the naturally occurring tree diversity.
  • Applicability Range: This afforestation technique is suitable for suburban or urban areas with limited space but is unsuitable for tropical areas.
  • Disruption of natural ecosystem: Natural wildlife movement is limited due to narrow spaces between trees which disrupts the natural movement of the ecosystem.
  • Uncertainty in Rainfall Effect: The effectiveness of rainfall produced by Miyawaki Forest trees is uncertain.

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