What is FASTag?, What is FASTag, How to Recharge Free FASTag?

FASTag in Hindi, What is FASTag, FASTag mandatory, FASTag Recharge

If you also like driving like me or you have your own vehicle then this rule of the road is very important for you, Fasttech has been made mandatory across the country by the Central Government, so today we will tell you that. What is Fastag, how is it used and also what are the benefits of applying Fastag? If you have a vehicle then it becomes very important for you to know this rule and if you are not familiar with this rule then you may get locked out.

From December 1, the government has made Fastag mandatory for paying toll on the highway. In such a situation, if you do not use the fast type, then you will have to pay double the toll tax and you may have to wait for a long time. Let us know what is FASTag and What update has the government made?

What is Fastag: This Radio Frequency Identification Tag (RFID) is installed on the windscreen of the vehicle which is linked to your bank account or your wallet. Through Fastag, whenever the vehicle crosses the toll plaza, payment is made from the Fastag account through a scanner. There you do not have to stop or pay toll tax in cash.

Government to pay toll on highway from December 1 Fastag has been made mandatory. The government wants to collect 100% toll tax electronically and keeping this in mind, toll plazas on national highways across the country will now take the payment amount through Fastag only.

In such a situation, through today's article we will tell you What is Fastag, how to use Fastag, how to recharge Fastag, how to install Fastag in vehicle, Fastag recharge offer Read this article carefully which is going to give information related to

What is Fastag?

Fastag: this one Radio Frequency Identification(RFID) There is a tag which is placed on the windscreen of the vehicle, your bank account or the payment wallet of National Highway Authority of India is linked with Fastag, due to which the vehicle owner does not need to stop while passing through the toll plaza. Through this, toll tax is paid automatically and the gate at the toll plaza opens.

Note:- After December 1, vehicles with Fastag will be given more priority, after December 1, vehicles which do not have Fastag sticker and pass through the toll plaza will have to pay double the tax.

Example :- Suppose there are five routes for vehicle movement at a toll plaza, then Fastag facility will be available on four of these five. Only one way will be open for cash payment, in which also if any vehicle owner wants to pass through the toll plaza by paying in cash, then he will have to pay double the amount of toll tax and the waiting time will also be very long because the toll plaza But there will be only one gate for vehicles without Fastag.

What is Fastag? Highlights

🔥 What is Fastag?FASTag is an electronic toll collection system in India, operated by the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI).
What was it started for?To introduce a better toll tax paying method in the country
Purpose of applying fast tagThis quickly reduces congestion at toll plazas and reduces cash collection so that toll plazas can be crossed quickly.
Benefits after applying FastagAfter applying Fast Tag, you do not need to pay a case at the toll plaza, that is, it will take you very less time to cross the toll plaza and your time will be saved, it will help a lot in making the country digital because cashless India is our new initiative.
Where to get fast tagToday almost every bank provides it. You can get Fastag installed by contacting your bank, or you can also get Fastag installed at the toll plaza.
What are the features of Fast Tag?Fastag is an electronic barcode which is placed on your vehicle. After installing it, you get many features and facilities, such as SMS alert on debit of money, facility of automatic toll payment etc.

Where can I get Fastag?

There are many government banks in India through which you can Fastag You can take it or you can also take Fastag by going to the toll plaza. You can even use online sites like Paytm and Amazon to get Fastag.

The easiest thing would be to go to your nearest Common Service Center and apply for a Fastag sticker from there, the Fastag sticker will be made and will reach your home.

How does Fastag work?

Fastag sticker( fastag sticker) is installed on the windscreen of your vehicle because it is a Radio Frequency Identification Tag (RFID TAG), due to which whenever your vehicle goes near the toll plaza, a Fast Tag reader is installed there and through this reader your Fastag sticker is scanned and after scanning, toll tax is automatically paid through your Fastag system. This process is quite fast due to which you not only have to slow down your vehicle near the toll plaza but you also do not have to stop. Either your bank account is linked to your Fastag or your wallet and the amount is deducted from the wallet. After the amount in your Fastag wallet is exhausted, you can recharge it again.

What are some benefits of applying Fastag?

There can be many benefits of Fastag but we are telling you some of the major benefits below.

  • ➡ With the introduction of Fastag system, there will be a significant increase in cashless transactions.
  • ➡ Arbitrary charges were taken at many toll plazas, this problem will also be solved with the advent of Fastag.
  • ➡ Due to Fastag, one can pass through the toll plaza very quickly, in such a situation the problem of waiting will also go away and petrol and diesel will also be saved.
  • Fastag A certain discount is given by the government on vehicles using Fastag. If we talk about the year 2016 to 2017, the government has given a discount of 10% on the payment of toll using Fastag.
  • ➡ On using Fastag, the first problem that used to arise at the toll plaza, which was the lack of change due to which many people used to fight many times, will also be solved.
  • ➡ Using Fastag, the problem of illegal recovery will also be solved.
  • ➡ The problem of excessive traffic jam at the toll plaza will be solved and the vehicles will not have to do the transaction in the form of CAS, so the time will be taken very less.
  • ➡ The amount deposited in Fastag wallet can be used for 5 years.

fastag sms facility

A big facility will also be provided to Fastag users that whenever you cross the toll plaza and your toll tax is deducted, its SMS will also be sent to your registered mobile number at the same time. You will also be told how much money has been deducted from your Fastag at the toll plaza and how much amount is left in your Fastag wallet.

For better monitoring of Fastag, applications have also been created by the government through which you can see information about transaction history, recharging, how much money has been deducted, how much money is present in your wallet etc.

Fastag Recharge

You can recharge Fastag through credit card, debit card, net banking. Minimum ₹ 100 can be deposited in Fastag account and if you want to deposit maximum in Fastag account then you can deposit up to ₹ 100000. You can also get Fastag recharge done by visiting your nearest Common Service Center.

under point of sale You can open your account under Fastag by visiting any upcoming toll plaza or agency, and you can also recharge for Fastag through these toll plazas or agencies.
You can find out the location of point of sale near you by visiting the website of National Highways Authority of India.

At present only ICICI Bank and Axis Bank come under POS. In the coming time, IDFC Bank and SBI Bank will also be included under it. You can also recharge your Fastag account through SBI Bank, ICICI Bank, Axis Bank, HDFC Bank, Bank of Punjab, Syndicate Bank, Paytm, HDFC Bank.

Documents required to open Fastag account?

To open an account under Fastag, you must have the following documents.

  • ⏩ Vehicle registration certificate (registration of vehicle certificate, RC)
  • ⏩ Passport size photo of the owner of the vehicle (OWNER PASSPORT SIZE PHOTO)
  • ⏩ Vehicle owner's KYC document like Aadhar Card, PAN Card, Voter ID Card (OWNER'S E-KYC DOCUMENT LIKE PAN CARD, AADHAR CARD, VOTER ID ETC)

Note :- After December 1, Fastag will be implemented across the country, so if you do not have Fastag, you will have to pay double the toll tax and will also have to wait a lot.

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FAQ Fastag Kya Hai New Update 2022

✔️ What is Fast Tag?

fast tag is a radio frequency identification tag (rfid) which is installed on the windscreen of the vehicle, under which toll tax is paid at the toll plaza through cashless and digital means.

✔️ What are the benefits of using Fastag?

By using Fastag, we can get many benefits like we will have to wait at toll plaza very less, petrol and diesel will be saved, the problem of pollution in the environment will also be reduced, problems like illegal collection at toll plaza will also be reduced. There are many more benefits which we have told you in detail above.

✔️ How can I buy Fastag?

You can buy Fastag through your nearest toll plaza or nearest common service center. What's more, you can also purchase Fastag by going to your bank. Even Fastag sales have now started on online sites like Paytm and Amazon.

✔️ Can I use Fastag for a two-wheeler?

“No” At present, Fastag is not required for two wheeler vehicles.

✔️ What if we return from the toll plaza within 24 hours?

Fastag provides a technology through which if you cross the toll plaza while going, then the charge is levied and if you cross the same toll plaza again within 24 hours, then the fast track technology automatically It determines within how much time you are crossing the toll plaza. If this time is less than 24 hours, then you do not have to pay full toll tax, but the amount of toll tax is reduced. And this system works automatically. That is, before Fastag, when you used to pay through gas, you had to pay the same amount twice, but with the advent of Fastag, this problem has been resolved.

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