Transfer of tigers from Maharashtra to Sahyadri Reserve


Sahyadri Tiger Reserve (STR), To revive the tiger population in which is the only tiger reserve in the western region of Maharashtra. The state forest department will soon set up the Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve (TATR) in Chandrapur district. Will relocate the tigers from.

related facts

  • According to experts, the objective of the project can be achieved only when Sahyadri-Konkan Wildlife Corridor Be secure enough and free from human interference.

Sahyadri Tiger Reserve (STR)

  • Establishment of STR located in North-Western Ghats January 2010 It took place in Western Maharashtra Kolhapur, Satara, Sangli and Ratnagiri districts Is detailed in.
  • In this Chandoli National Park and Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary Are included.

reason for transfer

  • Poaching, degraded prey base and altered habitat Due to this, the tiger population in this area has been historically low.
  • Even after STR was notified, the number of tigers did not increase because the breeders Tigers gave shelter to the reserve did not make.
  • present situation: Photographic evidence of tiger presence within the boundaries of the STR is limited and pugmark evidence is limited. Presence of seven to eight tigers from time to time Has been shown.
  • measures to increase population
    • a means of increasing population STR in Goa and Karnataka There is an increase in the number of tigers in the forests located in the south. However, increasing the number of such tigers may take several years.
    • the resulting, Transferring tigers for short term results Has been selected.

Review of transfer decision

  • background
    • in India year 2008 Tiger translocation projects have been initiated from.
    • in the year 2008 Sariska Tiger Reserve and year 2009 Successful tiger translocation and translocation projects were implemented in Panna Tiger Reserve in 2007.
    • Satkosia Tiger Reserve in Odisha As in the case of , revival plans have also failed, which has First Inter-State Transfer Project Was.
      • of community apprehensions poor management, transfer project This was a major reason for the failure.
      • In the year 2018, one male and one female tiger were killed from Kanha Tiger Reserve. Satkosia Tiger Reserve, before and after transfer Local people had violently opposed the plan.
  • Review
    • Transfer Initiative So Far remained mixed and should be taken as a last resort.
    • Before choosing a transfer, look at other available options, such as- Habitat improvement, prey enhancement, strengthening tiger corridors and improving vigilance should be assessed.
    • of transfer project For long-term and sustainable success Tiger corridors are important. “This will ensure the expansion of tigers into other populated areas.”

Role of wildlife corridors in conservation

  • Corridors are essentially habitats and pathways that connect wildlife populations that have been fragmented by human settlements and infrastructure.
  • They are important for the long-term survival of tiger populations because they help protect local species from extinction and ensure the exchange of gene flow, which population diversity Helps.
  • of tigers household area is larger and they often travel long distances in search of mates and food.
    • In doing so, they use these wildlife corridors and cross many human-dominated landscapes. The role played by corridors in conservation is well established and has also been incorporated into policy decisions.
  • Mitigation measures such as underpasses and wildlife crossings are now routinely ordered to protect tigers and other wildlife in projects where linear infrastructure projects Disintegrates habitats.

National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA)

  • Concerned Ministries: it Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEFCC) Is a statutory body under.
  • Establishment: its establishment year 2006 In Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972 Was done under.
  • Work
    • 'Project Tiger' To provide statutory authority so that its instructions can be legally complied with.
    • By providing the basis for memoranda of understanding with the states within the federal framework 'Tiger Reserve' To promote Centre-State accountability in the management of
    • To provide oversight by Parliament.
    • tiger reserve To address the livelihood interests of the local people in the surrounding areas.

  • Between Kanha and Pench Tiger Reserve National plan for the protection of tiger migration routes Construction of an overpass on Highway-7 An example of incorporating mitigation measures to protect corridors.
  • In the year 2014-15, National Tiger Conservation Authority and Wildlife Institute of India (WII) mapped 32 major tiger corridors in four broad tiger landscapes in the country – Shivalik Hills and Gangetic Plain, Central India and Eastern Ghats, Western Ghats and North-Eastern Hills.

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