blue corner notice


The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) is likely to issue a 'Blue Corner Notice' against an absconding Karnataka MP.

related facts

  • The MP fled to Germany on a diplomatic passport. He is accused of sexually harassing and misbehaving with party workers and other women.

blue corner notice

  • It is part of Interpol's wider system of 'colour-coded notices', which enables countries to share alerts and requests for information about wanted criminals around the world.
  • Regarding criminal investigation Additional information about a person's identity, location, or activities Blue corner notice is issued for collection.
  • As inquiry notice: Identity Verification Are issued for; someone's obtaining details of criminal records; Locating a person who is missing or an identified or unknown international criminal Is or is wanted for violations of general criminal law and whose extradition may be requested.
  • blue notice Criminal charges are issued before or immediately after they are filed.

International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL)

  • Establishment: its establishment in the year 1923 International Criminal Police Commission (ICPC) Was done as.
    • In the year 1956, the ICPC adopted a new constitution. adopted and thus it'Interpol'The name was given.

  • Objective: Interpol facilitates police cooperation and crime control around the world and is the world's largest international police organization Is.
  • Membership: 196 members including India by the year 2023
  • the headquarters: it Lyon, France Located in.
  • Official languages: Arabic, French, English and Spanish.
  • Organization: It has seven regional bureaus around the world and one in each of its member states. National Central Bureau (NCB), which oversees Interpol and other NCBs Serves as the central point of contact for the General Secretariat.
    • Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) to India National Central Bureau Has been designated as.
  • Interpol Notice: This notice is from the member country Interpol National Central Bureau They are issued by the General Secretariat of INTERPOL upon request and made available to all Member States.

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