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According to a recent analysis by the Washington Post, Chinese coast guard and combat ships Often Philippines supply ships surround and stop.

related facts

  • Increase in deployment of ships by China: China has increased the deployment of its ships and launched water cannons at Philippine boats during a supply mission in the Sierra Madre.

Sierra Madre

  • Landing Ship: construction of World War II (1939-45) It was deployed to the US as a landing ship in 1944 and Vietnam War (1954-75) It was sent to Vietnam as part of the American involvement during the Vietnam War.
    • In the year 1976, it was transferred to America's ally Philippines. In the year 1999 it was declared one of the uninhabited 'Spratly' Islands.Second Thomas Shoal Abandoned at (Second Thomas Shoal).

  • Philippines' diplomatic move: The Philippines then sank the ship on a submerged reef in the South China Sea to strengthen its territorial claims. Second Thomas Shoal Took to (Second Thomas Shoal).
    • The Philippines has since sent small boats to repair the ships and supply crews.
  • Mischief Reef Dispute: China has claimed the 'Mischief Reef' and demanded the removal of the ship from there, which has been rejected by the Philippines.
  • Challenge for the Philippines: At present this ship is largely dilapidated. However, its withdrawal by the Philippines would weaken its claim to the islands and increase the threat of Chinese presence.

Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ)

  • EEZ is the maritime zone that extends beyond a country's territorial sea (12 nautical miles from the coast). 200 knots (370 km.)
  • According to the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the respective coastal nation has both living and non-living resources Have rights over.

Dispute over Spratly Islands

  • Claims by many countries in the South China Sea: The countries in the region have laid claim to many parts of the South China Sea, Spratly Islands (Spratly Islands) और Paracel Islands Ownership of islands like the Paracel Islands has been claimed by some countries.
    • in this maritime area Rich oil, gas reserves and fishing There are immense possibilities, besides sovereignty issues Has encouraged various countries to make claims.
    • China owns about 90% of the South China Sea Has been making his claim.
  • Judgment of the Hague Tribunal: International Tribunal based in The Hague in the year 2016 The Supreme Court took action against China in the dispute and ruled in favor of the Philippines.
    • The tribunal ruled that certain maritime areas fall within the Philippines' EEZ because China has no equitable rights over those areas.
    • The Tribunal mainly highlighted-
      • With helipad by China creation of artificial islands This has caused irreparable damage to the marine environment.
      • Establishment of an artificial island by China inside the EEZ zone of the Philippines.
      • It destroyed natural evidence in the South China Sea that was part of the dispute between several parties.
    • China By accepting this decision denied Had done it.

America's response

  • US support to the Philippines: The US extended its support to the Philippines, as both are important strategic allies.
  • US-Philippines Mutual Defense Treaty, 1951: According to this treaty, an armed attack by any party in the Pacific would be dangerous to peace and security in the region.
    • Furthermore, both parties agree that they Dealing with common threats as per constitutional procedures Will work for.
    • In May 2023, both countries agreed to new guidelines under the treaty.
    • The US has said that after the inclusion of SCS any type of military attack in the Pacific region which will activate the mutual defense obligations of both the countries Articles IV and V of the US-Philippines Mutual Defense Treaty, 1951 Will work under.

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