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Digital Thread
  • It is also known as digital chain.
  • It is an architecture that connects data from all distributed manufacturing components throughout the product life cycle.
    • It involves the flow of information generated at various stages – from design and production to sale, use and disposal.
  • This optimizes the manufacturing process and improves overall operational efficiency.
Voice Activity Detection (VAD)
  • VAD is a key digital signal processing component and is used in various speech based applications.
  • VAD is a technique for identifying the presence of human speech in an audio.
  • It involves analyzing an audio signal and identifying distinctive characteristics of human speech such as specific frequency ranges or energy levels.
Domestic Analysis (Diagnostic Analytics)
  • It is a type of data analysis.
  • It is a process of understanding the causes of trends, events or behaviors.
  • This is considered a logical step after using descriptive analysis to find causes and correlations between variables.
  • This can be done manually, or using algorithms and statistical software.
Drive-by Attack
  • Drive-by download attack or simply drive-by attack is a technique by which malicious code is automatically downloaded to the user's device without his or her knowledge.
    • Cyber ​​criminals insert malicious scripts into HTTP or PHP code on unsecured websites. Whenever someone visits these pages, malware gets installed directly on their system.
Domestic Passports (Diplomatic Passports)
  • Applicability: Diplomatic passports have a maroon cover, and are valid for five years or less.
    • However, the ordinary passport, which has a dark blue cover and is valid for 10 years (for adults).
  • privilege: Holders of such passports are entitled to certain privileges and immunities in accordance with international law, including immunity from arrest, detention and certain legal action in the host country.
  • Issuer: The Consular, Passport and Visa Division of the Ministry of External Affairs issues diplomatic passports ('Type D' passports) to people broadly falling into five categories:
    • having diplomatic status
    • Government-appointed individuals travel abroad on official business.
    • Officers working under Branches A and B of the Indian Foreign Service (IFS) generally hold the rank of Joint Secretary and above.
    • Relatives and immediate families of officers serving in IFS and MEA
    • To select persons who are authorized to undertake official travel on behalf of the Government. It includes Union ministers and MPs, who often travel abroad representing the government.
      • The validity of these passports is along with the tenure of the MP.
      • Example: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi had surrendered his diplomatic passport after being disqualified as an MP last March.

News Source: Livemint & The Indian Express

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