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On May 7, Boeing's Starliner spacecraft will launch two NASA astronauts to the International Space Station from the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida.

related facts

  • This is the first time Starliner will carry astronauts and will test its ability to do so.

What is Boeing's Starliner?

  • Boeing's Starliner is also known as CST-100 (Crew Space Transportation).
  • It is a crew capsule, designed for space travel.
  • It is partially reusable, meaning it can be used for multiple missions.
  • It consists of two modules:
    • Crew Module: This is where astronauts stay during their journey.
    • Service Module: This part is like the powerhouse of the spacecraft, providing electricity, propulsion (motion), temperature control, air and water for the astronauts in space.

What is the mission?

  • Objective: To test how well the Starliner performs in space with astronauts on board.
    • It aims to dock with the ISS a day after launch and remain there for about 10 days before returning to Earth.
    • Key points about Starliner's crewed test flight and return trip
      • During the mission the astronauts will test the new space suit.
        • These blue suits are about 40% lighter than their predecessors and feature touchscreen-sensitive gloves.
      • During the return trip, NASA and Boeing will closely monitor the Starliner's heat shield and parachute.
      • They will slow the descent before the airbags deploy to ease the landing.
        • Unlike many other crew capsules, Starliner will land on land, not in the ocean.
  • Importance of mission for NASA and Boeing
    • NASA
      • Backup Options: Approval of Starliner would provide NASA with a backup option for regular flights from the ISS.
        • This will reduce dependence on any one company or vehicle for space launch.
    • boeing
      • Competition with SpaceX: If Starliner achieves its goals, it could enable Boeing to compete more effectively with SpaceX in the commercial space sector.

News Source: Indianexpress

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