Global Women@Work Survey, 2024


Deloitte's Women at Work: A Global Outlook Report women's Throws light on important issues affecting career.

Key findings of the survey

  • This report included 5,000 women from organizations in 10 countries. To understand the life experiences of women while on the job and their lives outside the job. based on aspects.
  • It highlighted three often overlooked areas of concern: Mental health, physical pain, and safety in the workplace and while traveling.
  • More women left their employers in 2023 than in the previous two years.

mental health

  • Women suffer from more stressed, mental health issues: many women Not getting adequate mental health support from their employers.
    • Two-thirds of women don't feel comfortable discussing mental health at work or discussing mental health as a reason for taking time off.
    • Many women face discrimination or from employment Worried about being fired and One in 10 have suffered from their mental health at work in the past Have had a negative experience while discussing.
  • Relationship between working hours and mental health: however Half of women who usually work their contracted hours rate their mental health as good, But women who regularly For those working extra hours this drops to 23%.

Women's Health: Many women struggle with pain

  • Menstrual disorders, menopause and fertility challenges are affecting women, yet many women feel unable to take time off or seek help.
    • More than one-fourth of women menstruate, Experience menopause or fertility-related challenges.
    • Many of them continue to work despite the pain and discomfort without taking time off from work – an even worse reality for those experiencing menopause.
      • More than 40% of women who menstruate experience high levels of pain. She says she works through it without taking time off from work.
  • This year, fewer women feel comfortable discussing these health challenges with their managers And she says discussing these issues at work has had a negative impact on her career.

domestic responsibilities

  • living with your life partner two out of 10 women Performs the most responsibility-
    • child care
    • caring for other adults
    • other household tasks
  • Side effects of women taking on more domestic responsibilities
    • low mental health
    • Being able to pay less attention to your career.

Safety at work and while traveling

  • almost half women Are worried about their safety at work or while traveling.
  • in India, 46% of women workers cited personal safety as the top concern while traveling to or from work.
    • Just over a quarter of women feel unsafe at work.

Gender Equality Leaders (GELs)

  • GELs The proportion of women working for is 6% globally and 6% in India.
    • on a scale of 100, GELs Women working for the company scored their loyalty at 76, productivity at 75, and motivation and sense of belonging at 71.
  • The report also states that GELs Women are working professionally.
    • Other women are far more likely to recommend their organizations.
    • They feel much more satisfied with the mental health support they have received.
    • Feel more comfortable talking about their mental health at work.
    • They are also more optimistic about their career prospects.

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