'Antares' star


based in bangalore Indian Institute of Astrophysics (IIA) has In front of the bright red star 'Antares' Took a picture of the passing of the moon.


It is a celestial body, usually The reflection of a star's light from another celestial body, such as a planet or satellite To be completely obscured by.

  • so, total solar eclipse There is an eclipse of the Sun by the Moon.

Indian Institute of Astrophysics (IIA)

  • Introduction: its establishment year 1971 In In astronomy, astrophysics and allied fields of physics It was formed as an autonomous research institute to conduct research.
  • the headquarters: Main Campus Bangalore City Koramangala in the south-eastern part and its field station Kodaikanal, Kavalur, Gauribidanur, Hanle and Hosakote Are in.

related facts

  • Observations of Antares Occultation from Bengaluru: As seen from Bengaluru, Antares disappeared behind the illuminated part of the Moon around 1:13 pm and became visible again in the unilluminated part about 40 minutes later.
  • Mystery of celestial bodies: While rotating in its orbit about once a month, the Moon sometimes Obscures or hides the bright stars behind and sometimes even the planets Is.
    • scorpius the brightest stars in the constellation 'Antares' For this is an occasional incident.
  • Eclipse in India: The most recent example of Antares visible from India occurred on February 5 this year, and the next viewing is expected to occur in June 2027.
    • however, in the year 2024 Indian On 24th July and again on 14th October Can see the eclipse of Saturn by the Moon.

'Scorpius' constellation

  • Introduction: 'Scorpius' constellation To be one of the 13 constellations of the zodiac It is known as a 'belt-shaped area' in the sky, through which the Sun, Moon and planets are seen passing.
  • it's in the night sky the brightest constellations Is one of.
  • stars: Scorpius contains 18 named stars, including Antares, known as “the rival of Mars” It is said, one giant red star is named for its bright color, and it 'Shaula' and 'Lesath' Are included.
    • It also has 14 stars, whose planets orbiting them are known.


  • Introduction: It is the brightest red colored star in the zodiac 'Scorpius' constellation.
  • Distance from Earth: Antares is about 600 light years away from Earth.
  • size: It is one of the largest known stars, its diameter Several hundred times brighter than the Sun and 10,000 times brighter than the Sun Is.

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