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Ministry of Earth Sciences (MoES) National Center for Polar and Ocean Research (NCPOR) From 20th to 30th May, 2024 in Kochi, Kerala through 46th Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting (ATCM-46) and Committee on Environmental Protection (CEP-26) of 26th meeting Will host.

  • It is in Antarctica On environmental management, scientific cooperation and collaboration This is in line with India's objective of facilitating constructive global dialogue.

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  • ATCM and CEP meetings They are important in the international community's ongoing efforts to protect Antarctica's sensitive ecosystems and promote scientific research in the region.
  • 46th ATCM Major topics on the agenda Strategic planning, policy, legal and institutional operations for the sustainable management of Antarctica and its resources; Biodiversity Prospecting; monitoring and exchanging information and data; Research, collaboration, capacity building and cooperation; dealing with the impacts of climate change; development of tourism infrastructure; and awareness Including promoting.
  • Lectures by the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research will also be organised.
  • 26th CEP Agenda Antarctic environmental assessment, impact assessment, management and reporting; Awareness of climate change; area conservation and management plans, including marine endemic conservation; and Antarctic biodiversity Focuses on conservation.

Antarctic Treaty System

  • Introduction
    • year 1959 signed in and year 1961 The Antarctic Treaty, which came into force in 1979, established Antarctica as an area dedicated to peaceful purposes, scientific cooperation and environmental protection.
    • The treaty has received widespread support over the years and is currently 56 countries This includes.
  • Objective
    • Meetings convened annually under the Antarctic Treaty System Antarctic Treaty Consultative Parties and other stakeholders to address important environmental, scientific and governance issues Serve as a platform for.

Antarctic Treaty Secretariat (ATS)

  • Antarctic Treaty Secretariat (ATS) Serves as the administrative center for the Antarctic Treaty System.
  • Established in year 2004 ATS, ATCM and CEP meetings Coordinates, reproduces and disseminates information and facilitates diplomatic communications, exchanges and negotiations related to Antarctic governance and management.
  • it Compliance with Antarctic Treaty provisions and agreements also monitors and treaty implementation and enforcement matters Provides assistance and guidance to Antarctic Treaty members.

  • situation of india
    • India Antarctic Treaty since 1983 Has been an advisory member of.
    • This is in line with other Antarctic Treaty 28 advisory members Participates in the decision making process with.
    • India's first Antarctic research centre, South Gangotri, in the year 1983 Was established.
    • At present, India Two research centre Maitri (1989) and Bharati (2012) Operates.
    • Permanent Research Center Indian scientific expeditions to Antarctica which provide the facility of year 1981 Are being operated every year.
    • In the year 2022, India Antarctic Treaty Reaffirming our commitment to Antarctic Act Implemented.
    • Permanent Research Center Indian scientific expeditions to Antarctica which provide the facility of since 1981 Are operated annually.
    • In the year 2022, India Our commitment to the Antarctic Treaty Ratifying the Antarctic Act came into force.

Committee for Environmental Protection (CEP)

  • CEP Established in the year 1991 Antarctic Treaty (Madrid Protocol) It was done under the Protocol on Environmental Protection.
  • CEP, in antarctica ATCM on Environmental Protection and Conservation Provides advice to.

National Center for Polar and Ocean Research (NCPOR)

  • its establishment Ministry of Earth Sciences on May 25, 1998 It was formed as an autonomous research and development institute.
  • first this National Center for Antarctic and Ocean Research (NCAOR) NCPOR, formerly known as NCPOR, is India's premier research and development institute, which in the polar and southern ocean regions Responsible for the research activities of the country.
  • It deals with polar and southern ocean scientific research in the country as well as Nodal agency for planning, promotion, coordination and execution of logistics activities Is.

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