What Sparked the Trending Video on Twitter and the Reason Behind the Altercation?

Short Info- A video of Elvish Yadav's fight is going viral on Twitter. In the video, Elvish Yadav is seen slapping a guy. This fight of Elvish Yadav is gaining a lot of attention. Today, we'll tell you the truth behind it and provide information about why this fight happened.

Elvish Yadav, the winner of Big Boss OTT, has recently gone viral on Twitter for a video where he appears to be fighting with a guy. In the video, it's clear that Elvish Yadav is seen hitting a guy, who is said to be a fan of Munawwar Faruqui. The whole incident goes like this –

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What is the reason behind Elvish Yadav's Fight?

The video suggests that it was shot in a restaurant, where according to public reactions, it's said that when Elvis Yadav went to that restaurant, a fan of Munawwar Faruqui asked him to take a selfie with them. Elvis Yadav refused to take the selfie and moved on. Upon this, the fan insulted Elvis Yadav with derogatory language and made fun of the Hindu religion. Elvis Yadav heard this and got angry. Then what happened? Elvis Yadav slapped the guy hard in anger.

Here's a video featuring Elvis Yadav's fight where there's a scene of throwing punches. You can watch the video below:

Elvish Yadav Fight Actual Reason By Audience Video

Confirmation of the fight involving Elvis Yadav is being investigated, as confirmed by a viewer who posted a video on Twitter. You can watch it below:

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