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Yaakkai Heritage Trust A team of recently renovated the dilapidated 'Madhava Perumal Temple' and his surrounding inscriptions Studied, which is now visible due to low water level in the dam.

related facts

  • According to the inscriptions found in Sri Madhava Perumal Temple, Kongu region in western Tamil Nadu Southern Karnataka and Kerala A major trade route existed 1,000 years ago.
  • this temple Bhawanisagar Dam in Erode district The water expanse of the area is largely submerged.

  • currently The temple appears to be in a dilapidated state after the water level in the dam drops to less than 46 feet, while full reservoir level 105 feet Is.

Discovery of a new village:

  • 'Yakkai Heritage Trust' According to , 10 to 15 inscriptions were found, each from different periods.
  • in this research A village called Thiruvallur has been detected, which 1,000 years First Temple of Thondreshwaramudiyar (Lord Shiva) Was present there with.
  • this field Peruvali (a trunk road) Used to act as a transporter and trader to reach various places in Wayanad, Kerala and Karnataka. Bhavani River and Moyar River Used to cross.
  • Inscriptions bearing the names of many traders show that they Oil, clothing, cattle and handicrafts They traded on land and could travel on foot and use transport donkeys or horses Used to use.

Contemporary/under Hoysala rule

  • this field under Hoysala rulers Was.
  • The last great king of the Hoysala Empire, Veer Ballala III (1292-1342) Ruled this area.
  • the king Madhava Perumal Dhandanayaka, Who was an army general, was asked to rule this area.
  • He then built the Dandanayaka Fort on the banks of the river at a strategic point. Name of the fort over time Danaikan Fort Done.
  • 680 years ago The fort built was completely destroyed.
  • currently only damaged temple Only the fort is visible, not the destroyed fort.
  • Madhava Perumal Dhandanayaka son of Veera Siddha Kethaya Dhandanayaka Shri inside the fort Madhava Perumal Temple Got constructed.
  • Description in an inscription found on a stone “Nilgiri Sadaranan Kottai” As has been done, and the villages along the fort “Oduvanganadu” Was called.
    • The pillars of this temple are present, the roof of a part and outer wall The temple has collapsed because once submerged for 68 years Had been.
    • Damaged pillars with inscriptions and carvings scattered around the temple Can be seen.
  • According to historians, the fort was constructed in the year 1338 when Madhav Perumal Dhandanayaka Nilgiris and Wayanad Were ruling. He says that many built in different periods The temples are still submerged and if the water level falls further So it will be visible.
  • Postmodern times
    • Later on this area Vijayanagara Empire, Ummathur Chiefs and Tipu Sultan Ruled by.
    • From the year 1790 to 1792 During the Third Anglo-Mysore War September 13 and 15, 1790 The battle of Sathyamangalam, fought between tipu sultan Did it.
    • Later, the British took control of this area and The Nilgiris, which were part of the Mysore province, were annexed to the Madras province. Was merged into.
  • Transfer of idols to new temples
    • After independence, in Tamil Nadu The first major irrigation project, Bhawanisagar Dam construction work of year 1948 started in and year 1955 I was completed.
    • The people who were living near the fort and the temple, water spread area were shifted out of and settled in villages.
    • in the year 1953 The temple idols were transferred to new temples.
  • earlier example
    • temple last time in the year 2018 Had appeared.
    • now six years later Madhava Perumal Temple Again, it is visible that if the water level drops further, two more temples and the walls of the fort will be exposed.
  • demand for excavation
    • In view of the large number of people coming to the temple, the Water Resources Department Bhavanisagar Dam Division have put up banners in villages surrounding the dam prohibiting entry of visitors to the temple.
    • in this area Temples were built even 1,200 years ago went to bring out more facts demand for excavation Its being done.
    • Since the dam is a protected area and decline in flow In view of this, coracle operators have been instructed not to take people to the temple area.

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