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The Central Registrar of Cooperative Societies (CRCS), under the Ministry of Cooperation, Government of India, has launched the Sahara Refund Portal with the aim of distributing ₹5000 crores to eligible members of cooperative societies within the Sahara Group.

Honorable Union Home and Cooperation Minister, Mr. Amit Shah, inaugurated the portal, which accepts online applications from eligible depositors through its official website:

This initiative aligns with the Supreme Court’s decision, providing Sahara depositors the opportunity to reclaim their investments through the user-friendly Sahara Refund Portal.

Sahara Refund Portal

On July 18, 2023, Union Minister Amit Shah will unveil the Sahara Refund Portal, bringing hope to 10 crore depositors in Sahara.

This portal will facilitate the return of investments for those whose investment terms have ended.

It is a result of the Supreme Court’s directive, allocating ₹5,000 crores to CRCS for the distribution of dues to valid depositors of Sahara-SEBI Refund Account.

CRCS Sahara Refund Portal

The CRCS Sahara Refund Portal links depositors’ Aadhar numbers with their mobile phones and bank accounts.

After providing receipt details and completing the necessary forms, the refund process commences.

Within 45 days, the deposited amount is credited to the depositor’s bank account.

Sahara Refund Portal Launch Date

The launch of the Sahara Refund Portal on July 18, 2023, is a significant step in addressing the genuine claims of depositors who invested their hard-earned money in Sahara Group’s cooperative societies.

This launch follows the Supreme Court’s order for the transfer of ₹5,000 crores from the Sahara-SEBI Refund Account to CRCS.

Sahara Refund Portal Login

The official CRCS Sahara Refund Portal can be accessed at Depositors can log in here and follow the provided instructions to apply for their refunds with ease.

By providing essential details such as Aadhar number, mobile number, and other necessary information, depositors can access the portal and apply for their refunds.

The portal’s objective is to streamline the refund process and ensure a convenient experience for investors, making it easy for them to claim their dues.

CRCS Sahara Refund Portal Direct Links

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  • CRCS Sahara Refund Portal Login: Log In
  • CRCS Sahara Refund Portal Registration: Register Here

In a significant move towards easing the process for investors, Union Minister Amit Shah inaugurated the ‘CRCS Sahara Refund’ in New Delhi, as directed by the Supreme Court to distribute funds.

The portal offers a unique opportunity for genuine investors of Sahara Group’s cooperative societies, allowing them to claim up to ₹5,000 crores from the “Sahara-SEBI Refund Account” for those who deposited ₹10,000 or more as their initial payment.

After distributing ₹10,000 crores, efforts will be made to refund the remaining ₹5,000 crores to other eligible investors through an appeal in the Supreme Court.

Eligible depositors who have invested in Sahara Group’s cooperative societies before specific deadlines are entitled to apply for claims.

Sahara Refund Portal Website and Application Process

The Sahara India Refund Portal provides a user-friendly interface to navigate the application process for depositors.

Depositors need to register on the portal by providing their essential details, linking their Aadhar number with their mobile number and bank account, and uploading documents like deposit certificates, PAN cards (if applicable), and other necessary documents.

How Long Does it Take to Receive Refunds?

Claims submitted on the CRCS Sahara Refund Portal will be deposited into the claimant’s bank account within 45 days of filing the claim.

Online Application Process for CRCS Sahara Refund Portal

To apply for refunds on the Sahara Refund Portal, follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit the official website: CRCS Sahara Refund Portal.
  2. Register by providing your Aadhar number, mobile number, and other required information.
  3. Verify your email address for further communication.
  4. Log in to your account using your Aadhar number and mobile number.
  5. Review the portal’s instructions and features for the application process.
  6. Fill out the online refund request form with accurate and complete information.
  7. Upload necessary documents, ensuring they meet the specified size limits.
  8. Double-check all information and documents before submitting your refund request on the portal.

Note: Once your refund request is submitted, you can track its status through the portal and receive updates via SMS/portal notifications. The Sahara Refund Portal ensures that the refund process is completed within 45 days from the registration date, providing depositors with a hassle-free and transparent experience.

Documents Required for CRCS Sahara Refund Portal

Documents required to apply on the CRCS Sahara Money Refund Portal include:

  1. Deposit Account Number
  2. Aadhar-linked mobile number (mandatory)
  3. Membership number
  4. Deposit certificate/passbook
  5. PAN card (if the claimed amount is more than ₹50,000)

Is the Sahara Refund Portal Currently Operational?

As of the latest updates, it appears that the Sahara Refund Portal is facing technical issues and is currently not operational. Users attempting to access the portal to apply for refunds may encounter difficulties.

The resolution of the issue and when the portal will be operational again are subject to official announcements and updates from the Cooperative Registrars of Sahara Cooperative Societies (CRCS) or the Ministry of Cooperation.

What If You Don’t Receive the OTP on the Sahara Refund Portal?

When you enter your Aadhar number and request an OTP on the Sahara India Refund Portal, you may not receive it on your mobile number. Many users have faced this issue.

It’s possible that this problem arises due to recent launch-related technical glitches on the Sahara India Refund Portal.

It’s advisable to wait for some time for the issue to be resolved. You can try again later, and hopefully, the problem will be resolved by then.


The Sahara Refund Portal is a significant step towards ensuring that depositors receive their rightful dues in a timely and transparent manner.

With its user-friendly interface and organized process, the portal empowers depositors to reclaim their hard-earned money without unnecessary hassles.

Therefore, if you are an eligible investor in Sahara Group’s cooperative societies, don’t wait any longer. Visit the Sahara Refund Portal, register, and apply for your refunds today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who initiated the Sahara Refund Portal?

The Sahara Refund Portal was inaugurated by the Union Minister of Home Affairs and Cooperation, Shri Amit Shah, on July 18, 2023.

How can eligible depositors apply for refunds on the Sahara Refund Portal?

Eligible depositors can apply for refunds on the official Sahara Refund Portal ( by registering with their Aadhar number, mobile number, and other required details. They can log in and submit their refund requests.

What are the eligibility criteria for claiming refunds through CRCS Sahara Refund Portal?

Depositors who have invested ₹10,000 or more in Sahara Group’s cooperative societies are eligible to claim refunds through the portal. For the initial ₹10,000 distribution, PAN cards are not mandatory. PAN cards are required if the claimed amount is ₹50,000 or more.

How long does it take to receive refunds through the Sahara Refund Portal?

Refunds submitted on the portal will be credited to the claimant’s bank account within 45 days from the date of filing the claim.

What documents are required to apply on the CRCS Sahara Refund Portal?

Depositors need to provide their deposit account number, Aadhar-linked mobile number (mandatory), membership number, deposit certificate/passbook, and PAN card (if applicable) for claimed amounts exceeding ₹50,000.

How can depositors track the status of their refund request on the Sahara Refund Portal?

Depositors can track the status of their refund request through the portal and receive updates via SMS/portal notifications. The Sahara Refund Portal ensures a transparent and hassle-free refund process completed within 45 days from the registration date.

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