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Recently the sixth barge of the '11x ACTCM barge project' 'Ammunition less torpedoes less missile barge (Ammunition Cum Torpedo Cum Missile Barge) i.e. LSAM 20 (Yard 130) Has been launched.

related facts

of '11 x ACTCM Barges' between Ministry of Defense and M/s Suryadeepta Projects Pvt. Ltd., Thane in March, 2021 The construction contract was signed.

About LSAM 20 (Yard 130)

  • made: MSME Shipyard, M/s Suryadeept Projects Pvt. Ltd., Thane.
  • Indigenously Designed: These barge relevant Under Naval Rules and Regulation of Indian Shipping Register Indigenously designed and manufactured.

  • tests: Model testing of the barge during the design phase Naval Science and Technology Laboratory, Visakhapatnam Was done in.
  • Significance: It is used for cargo/ammunition storage for Indian Naval ships both at jetties and external ports. Transportation, embarkation and disembarkation facilities Will provide impetus to the operational commitments of the Indian Navy.
    • These barges Indian government Have been manufactured under 'Make in India' initiative.

About Indian Shipping Register (IRS)

  • Establishment: The IRS is a non-profit organization, which was established in the year 1975.
  • Representation: IRS, International Association of Classification Societies (IACS) It is a member of the Classification Society, which represents classification societies worldwide.
  • Work: The IRS is an international ship classification society that Classification and Certification together with Also provides technical inspection services.

About IRClass Systems & Solutions Private Limited (ISSPL)

  • Establishment: ISSPL, IRS is a unit promoted by and year 2014 Was established in.
  • Mandate: two companies, IRS & ISPL, Brand IRCLASS which manufactures marine and industrial sectors Survey, Inspection and Certification Services Provides.
    • IRCLASS is committed to promoting safe and environmentally friendly engineering practices through its services to the professional community.
  • Significance: IRCLASS is continuously paving the way for progress, such as- To set standards for safety, environmental protection and deal with issues affecting the maritime industry.
    • IRClass provides complete solutions with respect to the requirements and Committed to becoming a 'Partner in Maritime Risk Management'.

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