Kisan Rail Yojana, Railways will give 50% subsidy for online booking of train tickets.


Kisan Rail Yojana 2024 :- Hello friends, as I tell you all, the Central Government is going to present a new scheme in the budget on 10th February, the name of this scheme has been started Kisan Rail Yojana 2024. Under this scheme, the scheme has been started on 7 August 2020 by the Central Government and Indian Railways to provide benefits to the people in the country and under this scheme, trains will be run for the farmers who are engaged in fruits or vegetables and other agricultural production. Losses will be prevented as you all know that their crops and vegetables face difficulty in reaching the market in the evening and many a times this happens that they are not able to reach the market on time due to which they have to suffer huge losses. In view of all these problems, Kisan Hatheli Yojana has been started by the government. If you also want to apply under which rail scheme and do online booking registration, Kisan Rail Yojana Online Registration etc. then we are going to tell you with the help of which you can also By registering online, it will help you in transporting your crops, vegetables and fruits from one place to another through real time. We are going to tell you all the information about how you will avail the benefits of applying under the Kisan Rail Scheme.

Kisan Rail Yojana 2024

Under the Kisan Rail Scheme 2024, Indian Railways has started the first train on August 7. Railways has informed that the first such train is running from Mata to Deoli to Danapur in Bihar or the train will reach its Deoli station from 11:00 am. It will travel approximately 1519 kilometers between Deoli in Maharashtra and Danapur Indore stations in Bihar or 32 hours. Under the Public Private Partnership PPP scheme, which train will transport which produce along with seat storage. Will also make arrangements. Kisan Rail Yojana Online Registration which will benefit the farmers a lot. The Central Government has done a very good thing for the farmers that all the citizens of the country who want to avail the benefits of Kisan Rail Yojana 2024 will be given the opportunity to do online booking under Kisan Rail Yojana 2024. They will have to get registered for this scheme only after that they will be given the benefit of this scheme.

key Highlights of Kisan Rail Yojana 2024

🚜 Scheme NameKisan Rail Yojana
📅 Year2024
🗓️ Inception Date7th August 2020
🚂 Initiated ByCentral Government
👥BeneficiaryFarmers across the country
🎯ObjectiveProvide train facilities to transport crops to markets for farmers
🌐 CategoryCentral Government Schemes
🌐Official WebsiteNot available

Objective of Kisan Rail Scheme 2024

As we all know that in our country India, farmers have to face a lot of difficulty in taking their crops, vegetables or whatever crops they produce to the market, due to which many times it happens that their crops do not reach the market. They do not know how to go to the market and due to this, they face huge losses due to fruits and vegetables etc. not reaching them on time. In view of all these problems, the Central Government has decided to send their crops to the market. This scheme has been started to send their crops and vegetables to the market safely on time through this railway. Under this scheme, farmers will get the right benefit from their crops, which will increase the income of the farmers. Farmers facing any problem will get relief and they can deliver their crops and vegetables to the market on time.

Kisan Rail Scheme 100th Kisan Rail was flagged off

  • While flagging off the Kisan Rail, the Prime Minister has congratulated all the farmers.
  • Kisan Rail Yojana was started by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 7 August 2020. Under this scheme, train facility is being provided to farmers to transport their crops to the markets of other states.
  • On December 28, 2020, the 100th train under this scheme left from Sangola in Maharashtra for Shalimar in Bengal from the West or the train was flagged off by Prime Minister Modi and Union Railway Minister Piyush Goyal has tweeted that under this scheme There will be an increase in the income of farmers and there will be a lot of change in the economy related to farming.
  • Kisan Rail Yojana is completely dedicated to farming. Through this train, the farmers of West Bengal and the fishermen transported by them will reach Mumbai and all the big cities like Nagpur. It was said by the Prime Minister that in our country there will be storage and cold storage. There is a shortage of
  • Due to which the farmers have to suffer huge losses, the government is working on the modernization of storage and supply chain and the government is also investing in it.
  • Now, under this scheme, the farmers of our country and the state will be able to send their crops to the Kisan Rail Yojana Online Registration, which will easily increase the income or under the assistance, the supply chain of the country will also increase. Kisan Rail Yojana Online Registration will also work as a one call storage. And any movable item will also be kept in this train.

Main facts of Kisan Train Yojana

  • Under Kisan Rail Yojana, farmers' crops like vegetables, fruits, grains etc. can be sent to the market safely through rail on time.
  • Which rail scheme has been started by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman in the budget presented in February this year for the transportation of goods carrying perishable products like vegetables and fruits?
  • Kisan Rail will be a kind of special train in which only grains, fruits and vegetables will be transported.
  • The central government has set a target of doubling the income of farmers by the year 2024.
  • The switch will also make proper arrangements for transportation of the produce along with the storage.
  • Which rail route will be given to the four states of Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar falling on which rail route first?

Per ton fare of Kisan Rail

  • Khandwa to Danapur- RS 3148/- per ton
  • Burhanpur to Danapur – RS 3323/- per ton
  • Bhusaval to Danapur – RS 3459/- per day
  • Jalgaon to Danapur – RS 3513/- per day
  • Manmad to Danapur – RS 3849/- per ton
  • Nashik Road to Danapur – RS 4001/- per ton

How to register for online booking of Kisan Rail Yojana 2024?

If all the citizen farmers of the country want to avail the benefits of this Kisan Rail Yojana 2024, then all those farmers will have to wait for some time because till now no information regarding registration for which rail booking under Kisan Rail Yojana 2024 has been made available. Because under this scheme, as soon as the process of online booking will be started online, we will release the rail list to all of you, then we will tell you through our article which rail you can apply for Kisan Rail Yojana Online Registration. For which online process has been kept and to get the benefit of this scheme, you have to click on this link related to this scheme.

Kisan Rail News Update

First Kisan Rail reaches Delhi with vegetables and fruits, farmers get double benefit.

on Wednesday Union Agriculture Minister and Farmers Welfare Minister Narendra Singh Tomar Also, Kisan Rail was flagged off by Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Y S Jaganmohan Reddy through video conferencing. Also, in this conferencing, the objective has been set to provide benefits to the people associated with horticulture through the country's second and South India's first Kisan Rail.

Due to lack of Kisan Rail, farmers had to spend Rs 300 crore annually to transport their crops to the market, which will reduce significantly with the arrival of Kisan Rail.

At present, the government is running Kisan Rail once a week and on Wednesday, the first Kisan Rail has reached Delhi with vegetables.


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FAQ Related Kisan Rail Yojana 2024

✔️ How many Kisan Rails are running in India?

According to the information given by Union Minister of State for Railways Darshana Jardosh, the Government of India has so far 2359 Kisan Rail has been run, in which 7.88 lakh tonnes of agricultural products have been successfully transported.

✔️ How much subsidy is there on Kisan Rail?

The consignment is weighed and charged as per prescribed parcel rates (P-scale). to the farmers 50% on freight Subsidy of Rs. is given in advance (i.e. they are charged only half of the actual freight of the consignment).

✔️ How can I book Kisan Rail?

farmers will have to approach with their consignment the Chief Parcel Supervisor of the railway stations from where the Kisan Rail service is to start or has to stop en route. Kisan Rail Yojana Online Registration Adequate care is taken to ensure that the packing condition is not defective.

✔️ What is Kisan Rail and how will you get its benefits?

Kisan Rail Central Government And there is a new scheme launched by the Indian Railway Department in the interest of farmers. Under this scheme, a special train will be run by the government for the movement of crops to the farmers, which has been named Kisan Rail. Under this Kisan Rail Scheme, farmers can transport their crops from one state to another or to their destination market, market. Will be able to deliver with proper facilities.


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