Kisan Drone Yojana: What is there in the subsidy of Rs 5 lakh for farmers on purchasing drones?

Kisan Drone Scheme :- Hello friends, I welcome all of you in this article. As I tell you all, at this time the Central Government has started work to provide technical farming to all the farmers of the country. To connect everyone with this technical farming, A new scheme has been started for the farmers by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The name of this scheme is Kisan Drone Yojana. Under this scheme, all the farmer brothers can apply Drone Yojana online to spray pesticides and nutrients in their fields. Brothers will be given a grant amount by the government for purchasing drones. This grant will be given to SC, ST, small and marginal women and farmers of North-Eastern states. A grant of 50% of the amount or a maximum of ₹ 500,000 will be given.

Along with this, all the farmer brothers will be given a grant of up to 75% by the Farmer Producer Organization (FPO) on purchasing a drone and a maximum tax of 40% to other farmers, but on the issue of agricultural machinery, it will be given to the recognized agricultural training institute or agriculture under UP Machine. Up to 100% grant amount will be received by the Science Center on the purchase of drones, so today through this article we are going to give information to all the farmer brothers about the Kisan Drone Scheme which has been started by the government. If you have gone then we request you to apply Drone Yojana online. If you also want to take advantage of Kisan Drone Yojana, then read this article till the end.

What is Kisan Drone Scheme?

Kisan Drone Yojana has been started by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi for all the farmer brothers of our country. Under this scheme, this scheme has been started to attract all the farmer brothers to find and buy agriculture. Under this scheme, citizens of different sections and regions of the country will be given different grants for purchasing drones. Under this scheme, Drone Yojana Apply online, initially, the central government will make drones available to all the farmers in all the villages of the country. This scheme was started for but later the Central Government has decided to give subsidy on purchasing personal loan because through the students, the farmers can easily do the difficult things like land records, crop assessment, pesticide and nutrient spraying, such as their Both labor and money will be saved, keeping all this in mind, Kisan Drone Scheme has been started by our central government.

Through a drone, farmers can easily spray pesticides and urea on 1 acre of land in 7 to 10 minutes, along with this, pesticides and food fertilizers will also be saved.
Under the Kisan Drone Scheme, the country's agricultural sector will be modernized to prevent farmer brothers from stealing agricultural technology and their income will increase.

key highlights of Kisan drone scheme

🌾 Name of the scheme🚜 Kisan Drone Scheme
🚀 Started👨 💼 By Prime Minister Narendra Modi
👨‍🌾 Beneficiary🌾 Farmers of the country
🎯 Objective🛒 Providing subsidy on purchasing agricultural drones
📅 year🗓️ 2024

Grant given under Kisan Drone Yojana

Under this scheme, on purchasing drones for agricultural purposes, grant amount will be received in different ways and in different areas, which is given in the following form:-

🎯 Related class and area💰Grant Details
🚜 SC-ST, small and marginal, women and farmers of North-Eastern states5️⃣0️⃣% or maximum ₹5️⃣0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣
🌾 To other farmers4️⃣0️⃣% or maximum ₹4️⃣0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣
👩‍🌾 To Farmer Producer Organization (FPO)7️⃣5️⃣%
🌾 To recognized agricultural training institutes or agricultural science centers under sub-section on agricultural mechanization.1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣% i.e. free

Farmers will be given training to buy drones

The Central Government will also provide training to all the farmer brothers on how to fly drones under the Kisan Drone Scheme and this training will be given to the farmer brothers in two other colleges of agricultural science so that the farmers can go to any other place to get this training. There will be no need to pay any fee because the government will provide training in flying drones so that farmers will not need to pay any fee for flying drones.

Objective of Kisan Drone Scheme

The main objective of starting the Kisan Loan Scheme by Prime Minister Narendra Modi is that farmers will be encouraged to buy agricultural drones. All the farmers can easily spray fertilizers and pesticides from their fields on a large scale. Now all the farmers of the country can easily use drones through drones. With this, farmers can easily do their farming on a large scale and spray fertilizers and pesticides. Now all the farmers of the country can get grants through this scheme and they can do pest management of their crops from time to time. Along with this, farmers will save both their time and money, through the drone scheme, there will be modernization in all the agricultural sectors of the country, along with this, some areas will develop further, apart from this, the central government has banned the import of drones so that right now the country Don can get a boost of development.

Benefits and features of Kisan Drone Yojana

  • Kisan Drone Scheme has been started by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
  • Under this scheme, Dictionary Current Kitna Score for Crop Assessment Land Records has been started to promote the spraying of nutrients.
  • Under this scheme, farmers will be given grant amount for purchasing drones for agricultural work.
  • The amount of this grant will be given to SC, ST, small and marginal farmers and women farmers in the North-Eastern state with the benefit of 50% to a maximum of ₹ 500000.
  • On agricultural mechanization under Vishwa Janak, 100% grant will be given to recognized agricultural training institutes or agricultural science centers under Up Machine on purchasing drones, that is, all of them will get drones absolutely free of cost.
  • Now farmers will be able to get drones through this scheme to manage pests in their crops on a large scale, which will save both their money and time.
  • The drone scheme will promote technology in the agriculture sector and will attract more and more farmers to use drones.
  • With the use of drones, pesticides and urea can be easily sprayed on one acre of land in 710 minutes.
  • Farmers of Rajasthan and Maharashtra are given a grant to use drones for farming and Kisan Drone Apply Online is estimated that in the coming time, seeing the utility of drones, they will be used for any farming work in almost all the states of the country. Will be able to use drones.

To fly a drone the following conditions must be met

  • Permission will have to be taken at places with high tension lines or mobile towers.
  • You will not be able to spray medicines through drones in the Green Zone area.
  • Feel like flying a drone in bad weather or strong wind.
  • Permission will have to be taken from Allahabad if farming is done around the area.

How to apply for drone assistance

The application process for drone assistance has not started yet. You can get more information about this scheme from the local agriculture department. This scheme has been announced, but soon more information about it will also be given. If you want to apply for this scheme Drone Yojana Apply online, then you will have to wait for a while and contact the local agriculture department.


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FAQ Questions Related Kisan Drone Yojana

✔️ When was the Kisan Drone Scheme started?

recently The Prime Minister has launched 100 Kisan Drones to spray pesticides in fields across India. He also launched 'Kisan Drone Apply Online' to promote chemical-free farming in India. This initiative was first announced in Budget 2022 to ensure inclusive drone development.

✔️ How quickly will a drone spray pesticides on 1 acre of land?

Use of drone technology will do wonders: One acre crop will be sprayed with pesticides in 10 minutes. Kisan Drone Apply: Now drone technology can be used in agricultural work in the district also. The Agriculture Department is motivating farmers by spraying pesticides in their fields with drones.

✔️ How to register my drone in India?

Step 1: After receiving the drone, it is extremely important to check the OEM certificate and NPL letter provided by the manufacturer. Step 2: You will then need to register on the Digital Sky platform. Step 3: Get your UIN from the Digital Sky platform. Step 4: Enter UA on your UIN.

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