How to Get Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) Apply Online in Minutes! PCC for Passport

Police Clearance Certificate for Passport in India:- Indian passport holders are eligible to obtain a Police Council Certificate, also known as PCC, if they have submitted an application for residence status, employment, long-term visa or migration. Passport PCC cannot be granted to those traveling abroad on a visitor visa (for holiday purposes only). In this article that we are going to consider today, we will know what is PCC Certificate, what are the documents required to get it, and how to go through the process to get it.

Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) for Passport

Police Passage Certificate, often referred to as PCC, is issued to Indian citizens who intend to work in, reside in, or reside permanently in another country. PCC Passport in india The Indian government is not required to provide a PCC to a traveler who is traveling outside the country on a tourist visa.

17 countries have been declared ECR because of their liberal rules allowing migration and employment of foreign nationals. ECNR status is required for non-tourist visa travel to protect residents from fraudulent employment. “Click to Check” Tatkal Passport Fees and Timings, Documents Required, Application Process

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Passport PCC from the Area Police Department

When you request for PCC, PCC Passport in India you have the option to select the local police station.

  • First of all you should go to the police station which is nearest to your location or which is authority on your address.
  • Answer the questions asked by the police officer. They often conduct a background check and question the applicant about the purpose of the application.
  • Please provide all the documents that are required to be self-certified and are mentioned on the Passport Seva website.
  • Cash or check are acceptable forms of payment for the fee. The officials will examine the documents to decide whether they will issue the Police Transparency Certificate or not.

Mandatory Documents for Most of the Cases (common)

In all, there are three papers that need to be submitted, and they are the following:

  • PCC Passport in india Requires a self-attested copy of the original passport along with the first two and last two pages,
  • Which includes list of ECR/ECNR and list of observations.
  • If there is a change in the address on the document, the document will display verification of the change.
  • If the visa was not issued in English, an English translation must also be provided with the copy of the visa.

Documents Required For Police Clearance Certificate PCC

For Skilled or Semi-skilled People

In case of skilled/semi-skilled persons who have signed the contract directly with the foreign employer and not through a recruitment agent approved by the Protectorate of Migrant Workers, the following requirements for PCC must be fulfilled:

  • Documents required along with self-attested copy of job agreement.
  • Valid visa copy The visa must be in English or its translation.
  • Proof of permanent address.
  • Old passport and self-attested copy of last two pages, as well as ECR/Non-ECR determination.

For Unskilled People/ Women Candidates

For standard men and women (aged 30 years and above) who have contracted directly with the foreign employer and not through a recruitment agent, the following documents must be submitted:

  • The list of required documents is given above.
  • Employment related deed certified by the appropriate Indian Mission or permission letter from the concerned Indian Mission/Post.
  • Valid visa counterpart: The visa must be in English or its translation.
  • Old passport and self-attested copy of the last and first two pages, along with ECR/Non-ECR determination.
  • Permanent Address Certificate.

For Skilled/ Semi-skilled Persons (through Recruiting Agents)

Added the following requirements to be submitted by skilled/semi-skilled candidates who have signed an agreement with a foreign employer through an RA:

  • Mandatory Documents Attested copy of Registration Certificate, issued by POE
    proof of permanent address
  • Old passport and a self-attested copy. Last and first two pages, as well as ECR/non-ECR determinations.

For Unskilled People/ Women Candidates (through Recruiting Agents)

In case of unskilled candidates or women who have signed a contract with a foreign employer through an RA, the following is required:

  • Required documents to be certified by the Indian Mission, other than copies of employment contract, demand letter and authorization letter from the foreign employer.
  • Copy of Registration Certificate issued by POE.

For Dependent Family Members of a Person

Immigrating to or staying in both ECR and ECNR countries,

  • Mandatory documents required for the applicant's departure and sponsorship declaration from the person funding the applicant.
  • Certified copy of permanent address
  • An old passport and the last and first two pages of the self-attested copy, as well as a copy of the ECR/ECNR determination.

Documentary evidence that needs to be submitted along with certificates supporting applications for long-term visa, legal residence or employment.

Steps to Apply Online for Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) for Passport

Register on the Passport Seva Portal and then login to access it.

  • Passport Seva Online Portal official website Open, the home page will be displayed in front of you.
  • on the homepage New User Registration Click the link.
  • Enter the registration details and register yourself successfully.
    Then log in.
  • Just follow the link that contains 'Apply for a Police Clearance Certificate'It is written.
  • Complete the form that asks for basic information, and then 'Submit' Press button.
  • Next, select the option 'Select payment and appointment date' on your screen, which comes after going to the 'View Saved/Submitted Application' menu option.
  • Since it is required to be done online, payment must be submitted in the same manner.
    Credit card or debit card, online banking services of SBI and partner banks, as well as SBI bank challan, can be used to make the payment.
  • Now that you have selected the appropriate option, you should print the application receipt and make a note of the application reference number or appointment number.
  • Make sure to carry all the required formats to the appointment, and reach there on time.

Note: – You can also perform the process described above by first downloading an electronic form from the Internet, then filling it manually and storing it in XML format. You have to proceed in the same manner as mentioned earlier, except for the section in which you fill the online application form. In this section, you will be able to immediately upload the XML file that has already been filled. Note that both form submission and payment have to be done online and both have to be done from time to time.


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FAQ Related Police Clearance Certificate (PCC)

✔️ What documents we need for PCC?

Old passport in original with self-attested photocopy of its first two and last two pages including ECR/Non-ECR page and page of observation (if any). Documentary proof of applying for Residential Status, Employment (Copy of Employment contract) or Long term visa or for immigration.

✔️ How can I get PCC fast?

Visit your nearest police station. Answer the queries of a police officer. They usually conduct a background check and inquire about the purpose of the application. Submit the self-attested documents mentioned in the official Passport Seva portal.

✔️ How many days for PCC?

PCC can be issued only after receipt of a 'Clear' Police Verification Report from Police authorities in India. Thus there is no fixed timeline for issue of PCC. After receipt of PCC generally PCC will be issued within 10 days,

✔️ How much time does PCC take?

PCC can be issued only after receipt of a 'Clear' report from Police authorities in India which is to be made available in the system by the concerned Passport office. This process may take 8 weeks, PCC can be issued earlier provided a 'Clear' report is received.

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