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Earth located in northern Chile The driest and hottest desert is the Atacama Desert. Researchers discover a hidden cave 13 feet below the surface of the world of microorganisms (biosphere) Discovered, which sheds light on potential biological habitats.

related facts

  • Possible reasons for the presence of biosphere
    • harsh conditions and Ultra-dry soil rich in saline and sulphate minerals, with rare forms of life Helps in nourishing bacteria.
    • Top 80 cm of desert soil, ultraviolet Light and small amounts of water protection Provides.
    • genetic analysis of some bacteria Like- Geodermatophilus pulveris and Modestobacter casearsei Linked to the presence of species like.

  • atacama desert
    • location
      • atacama desert Located on the Pacific coast of South America, 1,600 km west of the Andes Mountains, extends to.
    • features
      • This is the world's largest dry non-polar desert Where there is very little rainfall.
        • in some areas of rain for centuries Has not happened.
      • Extreme dryness, caused by geographical factors such as the Andes and the Chilean Coast Range rain shadow effects, as well as ocean currents and climatic conditions Is the result of.
        • other reason: north flowing Humboldt Ocean Cold Current And A strong Pacific anticyclone constant temperature caused by inversion Contributes to the extreme dryness of the desert.
      • some areas of the Atacama Desert Comparison with Mars due to their environmental similarities which has been done to them Mars mission 'simulation' Makes it ideal for.
    • flora and fauna
      • Despite its harsh circumstances, Dry climate in the Atacama Desert Various types of plants and animals are found adapted to it.
      • Laretta, Cacti and Saltgrass Unique plant species such as Andean flamingos, guanacos and Darwin's leaf-eared mouse (Phyllotis Darwini) thrive together with organisms like.
    • tribes
      • For millennia in the Atacama Desert Chinchorro and Atacameno tribes Like it has been inhabited by indigenous cultures.
      • in historical times Inca and Spanish Empire which are marked by mining activities and the development of coastal cities.
    • mineral
      • Copper, Gold and Sodium Nitrate Rich in mineral resources like, Atacama Desert 19th century Has been an important mining area since.
    • The unique environmental conditions of the desert make it an ideal place for astronomical observations, where 'La Silla' and 'Paranal' like world class observatories Are present.

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