Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan Announces NEP 2020 Implementation Updates: Board Exams Twice a Year

Union Minister for Education, Dharmendra Pradhan, has announced that the curriculum framework aligned with the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 is now ready.

Textbooks based on this framework will be developed for the 2024 academic session. Under this new framework, significant changes in board exams are planned to benefit students.

One key change is that board exams will be held twice a year, and students will have the option to retain their best score.

This shift is aimed at providing students with ample time and opportunities to excel academically.

It allows students to choose to appear for board exams in subjects they have thoroughly studied and feel confident in.

Moreover, the focus of these board exams will be on assessing students’ understanding and their ability to demonstrate competencies, rather than relying on rote memorization and months of coaching.

For students in classes 11 and 12, there’s a new requirement to study two languages, with at least one of them being an Indian language.

Additionally, students will have greater flexibility in choosing their subjects, as they won’t be restricted to traditional streams.

In the future, school boards are expected to develop the capacity to offer ‘on-demand’ exams. Furthermore, those involved in developing and evaluating board exams will need to complete university-certified courses to ensure the quality of assessments.

The new curriculum framework also emphasizes reducing the practice of merely “covering” textbooks in the classroom and aims to optimize the cost of textbooks for students.

These changes signify a transformative shift in the education system, aligning it with the NEP 2020’s vision of holistic and competency-based learning.

Students can look forward to a more flexible and assessment-focused approach to their studies.

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