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Deliberate sabotage, snatching of EVM

of RPA Under section 58, The Election Commission may declare the voting at a polling station void if:

  • an unauthorized person Anyone has taken EVM illegally
  • any EVM by mistake or has been intentionally destroyed, or lost, or damaged, or tampered with Has been done.
  • In any EVM during recording of votes mechanical failure She comes.
  • returning officer (RO) immediately informs the Election Commission and the Chief Electoral Officer of the State about the relevant facts and material circumstances, which, after considering, The Election Commission can declare the vote void and formally set a date for a new vote. And Time can decide.
  • after this Contesting candidates or their election agents are informed in writing.
  • to inform voters A notice in public places with announcement in the polling area is also pasted.
  • All Voters will be allowed to vote afresh.
  • During re-polling, the number of voters Marks made during original voting on left middle fingers (on his left index finger) is inked to distinguish between.
booth capturingSection 135A of RPA Booth-capturing as defined in includes:

  • Any capturing the polling station, Due to which the conduct of elections gets affected.
  • capturing a polling station, Allowing only his or her supporters to vote
  • any voter intimidation And stopping him from going to the polling station.
  • Any occupation of counting place Taking tax affects the counting of votes.
  • any of the above Participation of any person in Government service in the activity.

For booth capturing The punishment may be a minimum punishment of one year, which may extend to three years for ordinary people, and may be punished with imprisonment of not less than three years, which For government employees, it may increase up to five years.

  • Under section 58A, if any Booth capturing has taken place at the polling station. So under Rule 49X of the Conduct of Elections Rules, 1961, the Presiding Officer of the polling station immediately switches off the control unit of the EVM and disconnects the ballot paper units from the control unit.
  • then she Notifies RO
  • The Election Commission can do this on the basis of material facts
  • That Declare the voting at the polling station void And Give instructions to conduct re-polling on a new date.
  • If bBooth capturing has taken place at a small number of polling stations.or has affected the counting of votes, if Elections in the constituency will be cancelled.
Natural disasters, other disruptions in votingThe Presiding Officer of a polling station may adjourn polling under Section 57(1) of the RPA in the following circumstances:

  • flood, severe storm natural calamity.
  • Necessary like EVM, voter list etc. Non-receipt or loss of voting material or be damaged
  • due to any riot or violence Obstruction or hindrance.
  • Due to blockage or any other serious difficulty Non-arrival of polling party.
  • Due to EVM malfunction or any other reason Voting not starting within two hours of the scheduled time.
After seeking the approval of the Election Commission on the date and time, the postponed voting will resume from the same stage at which it was left immediately before the adjournment.

  • contesting candidates or their agents are informed, and Only those voters who have not voted before the polling is postponed are allowed to vote.
death of a candidateIf valid enrollment 11.00 am on the last date of nomination of the candidate Death occurs at any time after till the commencement of voting.

Revised in year 1996 As per section 52 of RPA, of a recognized political party Voting will be postponed only in the event of death of the candidate.

  • RO Election Commission States the facts and orders postponement of voting till a date to be notified later by the Election Commission.
  • After this the Election Commission Asks the political party concerned to nominate another candidate.

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