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In its 'fact sheet', the US State Department accused Russia of using chemical weapons against Ukrainian forces, which gross violation of the chemical weapons convention Is.

related facts

  • Russia as a method of war in Ukraine “Riot control agents (tear gas) as well as chemical agents in Ukraine 'Chloropicrin' Used.”
  • Prevention: The United States announced new sanctions against Moscow's military and industrial capabilities, which About 300 institutions in Russia, China and other countries Let's target.


  • Introduction: chloropicrin one C-nitro compound, which is nitromethane In which all three hydrogens are replaced by chlorine.
    • this one Synthetic C-nitro, one-carbon and organochlorines is a compound which is a strong lachrymator (Tear-inducing agents, popular examples: pepper spray, and bromoacetone).

  • Common Name: Nitrochloroform, Dolochlor, Picfume
  • Colour: Colorless to light yellow oily liquid.
  • Construction: In this Sodium hypochlorite (bleach) and nitromethane (a common industrial solvent) A chemical reaction is involved between.
    • This chloroform to nitric acid Can also be made by mixing with, which chloropicrin and water is received.
  • Use
    • Agriculture: It is especially used in agriculture Soil fumigation for strawberry crops It is done as.
    • antimicrobial agents: use this As herbicides and nematicides and its role Fumigant pesticides and 'antifungal agrochemicals' It is in the form of.
    • Chemical warfare agent: 'Chloropicrin' is an irritant that has the characteristics of tear gas and contains strong irritating odor Hence it is used as a 'riot control agent'.
  • As weapons of war: It was first used by the Allies and Central Powers in the First World War. Used as poisonous gas It was built and stored during World War II.
    • It induces vomiting, which makes the soldiers Prompts to remove your masks when they contain excess gas, or other gaseous agents dispersed in the air Let's accept.
  • Exposure: to chloropicrin through respiration, ingestion and skin Can be absorbed systemically. It is a serious stimulant, and Immediate, severe swelling of the eyes, nose and throat, and upper and lower respiratory tract But can cause significant injury.
    • it is extremely toxic and carcinogenic Is also considered.

Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC)

  • implementation: 29 April 1997 To
  • Introduction: This is the world's first multilateral disarmament agreement, which is within a fixed time frame. Provision to eliminate an entire category of weapons of mass destruction Does.
  • Membership: 193 member countries of the convention
  • Implementation Organ: due to convention Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) one headed by International chemical weapons disarmament regime launched
  • mandate
    • of chemical weapons Development, production, storage, transfer and use to end
    • to prevent their re-emergence
    • ensuring the elimination of existing stockpiles of such weapons
    • to the world from the threat of chemical warfare To make safe.
  • Recognition: To the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons for its comprehensive efforts to eliminate chemical weapons Nobel Peace Prize for the year 2013 was granted.

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