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CBSE Training Portal 2024 :- CBSE has introduced the CBSE Training Portal aimed at educators. This platform serves as a hub for various programs designed to enhance the professional skills of teachers. The portal offers a cascade mode, ensuring that all teachers and students across different schools benefit from training programs. This is made possible through the selection and training of mentors and teacher educators. CBSE Portal Registration 2024 Explore further for comprehensive details about the CBSE Training Portal Registration, including its highlights, objectives, offered services, registration steps, and more.

CBSE Training Portal 2024

✔️ How many hours of CBSE training is required?

The National Education Policy 2020 recommends that every school should ensure participation of all its teachers in at least 50 hours of Continuous Professional Development (CPD).

✔️ How do I give feedback to CBSE training portal?

Participants can now submit their feedback about the session on CBSE training portal, using the same Login ID and password credential created by the individual participant on CBSE training portal,

✔️ What are the benefits of CBSE training?

Among many other benefits, these CBSE Training Programs will help teachers communicate better with their class, make lectures more effective and understand students' needs and expectations CBSE Training Portal Registration. The initiative will enable principals and teachers to become more than just subject matter experts.

✔️ How many CBSE training required?

The schools connected with the Board should arrange a training program for all teachers at least once every three years. This will help improve the teachers' attitude and quality of teaching. The training should be at least five days long and should be done in partnership with government-recognized teacher training institutes.

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