You Must Learn These Top 10 Things From Starship Explosion :ELon Musk » Careers Raedy You Must Learn These Top 10 Things From Starship Explosion :ELon Musk » Careers Raedy

The explosion of SpaceX's Starship rocket during its first flight test  is being seen by experts as a "successful failure" business formula that  serves Elon Musk's company well.

The loss of the rocket ship will help accelerate development of the vehicle, rather than being seen as a setback.

SpaceX executives including Musk hailed the test flight for achieving  the major objective of getting the vehicle off the ground.

The test flight delivered benefits and demonstrated SpaceX's strategy of  embracing failure when the consequences of failure are low.

SpaceX saves more money and takes less time to identify and correct  engineering flaws by taking more risks in the development process.

 Risks of a single flight test were small incomparison to the  ambitious gains at stake, as Starship designed to carry "orders of  magnitude" cargo people to and from deep space.

Musk has billed Starship as crucial to SpaceX's interplanetary exploration goals as well as its more near-term launch business.

SpaceX's rapid pace of development since its founding in 2002, leading  to dozens of commercial missions a year with its workhorse rocket for  low-Earth orbit, could result in humans on Mars.

The failure of the Starship test flight highlights the risks and  challenges involved in developing new, cutting-edge technology, also tells the importance of taking risks in order to make progress.

SpaceX's approach to development, which prioritizes rapid iteration,  experimentation, and risk-taking, has allowed the company to achieve  significant success in a relatively short amount of time

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