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BA which is the Bachelor of Arts, This degree does give you direct job placement but it will make you an Intellectual. You will be aware of day to day business of the Country. Here are the top ten course after BA in 2023. 

Created By : Ragini Vaibhav

Master of Arts 

You can do MA after BA, It will give you subject specialization in any human subjects. After MA you can give UGC NET exam for College Professors. 


Prepare For Govt Jobs

If you have a BA degree you can prepare for Government jobs. Like UPSC IAS which is arts-oriented exam, if you have good knowledge of Humanity subjects then you should go for UPSC IAS. 


Master of Business Administration (MBA)

You can give a chance to MBA, Apply for the CAT entrance exam and give the exam and get land in IIMs or Do it from Private universities. 


Master of Journalism and Mass Communication (MJMC)

If you have an interest in journalism and mass communication then you can go for it. You can earn a good amount of money by being a journalist. 


Masters/P.G. Diploma in Digital Marketing

You can do a diploma in digital marketing and can get a decent job in digital marketing. Digital marketing is the growing exponentially in 2023. 



You can go for LLB and get register with yourself with BAR council and become an advocate. Nowadays advocate earn great salary. 


Creative Writing Courses

You can opt for creative writing course because this is in demand job for writing scripts movies , genre and poetry also. 


Graphic Design

This is the very demanding job in 2023. you can do course online or offline and can get job or can do freelancing at your own home. 


Event Management

If you are good in planning, budget, logistics, location marketing coordination then can do Event management course. You can become event manager, they offer great salary to event managers. 


Start Blogging 

If you do not want to do jobs whether it is private or government then start doing blogging. If you do not know about this then first of all learn about this. 


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