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UPSC CSE Prelims Exam will be going to held on 28th May, Here are some basic tips and trick that you can follow t Ace in the Exam.

Keep Calm 

You have to keep Calm and Be Happy, Just there is no Exam. But I know at the time of exam It is very difficult to keep Calm. 


Do revision only for multiple time time whatever you have read in previous months and grab that in your mind. Just focus on Revision. 

Do not Read New Topic

It is not the time to read new topics, you have to revision previous studied topic only. If you start reading a new topic it can lead you to the stage of low confidence. 

Be Confident 

It is the last time when you have to perform better and it will decide your future also so be confident whatever you studied in the previous months. 

Do Not Take Stress

You must not take the stress because it is the exam time, take good amount of sleep to keep your self fresh and ready to take test. 

Peer Groups 

In the exam time you have to keep yourself in the good peer group. A good peer group always keeps you motivated and happy. 

Do Practice of OMR

You must give Mock test for OMR practice so that you can not make any mistake at the time of Examination. 

Do not take Advice 

You are preparing for the exam for one year so you know better about your exam and papers so do not take any random advice from any random peoples. 

Best of Luck 

Finally, best of luck for Your Exam, In 2023 I am also appearing for this exam year 2023, So guys just believe in yourself and Do best in The Exam Best of Luck.