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Solid Rockets 


Uses Solid propellant (fuel / Oxidizer. It is used for earliest rockets,  Once Ignited it can not turn off  These are simple and provide high level of thrust 

Liquid Rockets 


Uses Liquid fuels, Liquid rockets can be throttled, which allows for greater control over thrust.  Offer higher specific impulse than solid rockets, 

Hybrid Rockets


These use combination of liquid and solid fuel, Hybrid rockets offer some of the advantages of both solid and liquid  rockets, such as simplicity, reliability, and the ability to throttle  the rocket.

Monopropellant Rockets


These rockets uses single type of fuel typically a liquid chemical stored in a tank. Fuel is decomposed by catalyst to provide  thrust. Offer lower level thrust and efficiency.  

Monopropellant Rockets


These rockets use two different types of fuel, typically a fuel and an  oxidizer. The fuel and oxidizer are stored separately and are mixed  together in the combustion chamber to produce thrust.

Nuclear rockets


These rockets use nuclear reactors to generate thrust. They are still in  the experimental stage and have not yet been used for spaceflight.

Electric rockets


hese rockets use electrically charged particles, such as ions, to  generate thrust. They are more efficient than traditional rockets, but  currently have lower thrust and are therefore only suitable for certain  applications.

Each type of rocket has its own advantages and disadvantages, and is  suited for different types of missions. The choice of rocket type  depends on factors such as payload, destination, and mission duration.

Rockets come in various types based on engine and fuel types. Understanding their capabilities is critical for success in space missions.

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