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Xi Jinping

He is the leader of Chinese Communist Party and also long serving Chinese President. He is very intelligent president of China. 


Vladimir Putin 

He is the long serving president of Russian Federation since 2012. he will be president till death. 


Mr Joe Biden 

He is the prime minister of the Great Country Like United States of America. Before president he was the vice president of USA with Obama. 


Olaf Scholz

He is the Chancellor of Germany. He became chancellor of Germany in 2021. He is the member of social democratic party in Germany 


Jeff Bezos 

He is the CEO and Founder of Multi National and Multi Billion Dollar Company Amazon. He is the richest person of this earth. 


Warren Buffett

He is currently the chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway. He is one of  the most successful investors in the world


Bill Gates

A groundbreaking book that explores the power of mindset and how it can affect success in all areas of life.


Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud

he is Crown Prince and Prime Minister of Saudi Arabia. He also serves as  the chairman of the Council of Economic and Development Affairs.


Shir Narendra Damodar Das Modi 

He is the Current Prime Minister Of India. This is the second term as a PM. There is a possibility to be elected for third term 


Larry Page

He is an American computer scientist and industrialist who co-founded  Google with Sergey brin. They are both often referred to as the “google  guys”


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