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Starship is SpaceX's most powerful rocket yet, designed to take humans and cargo to the Moon, Mars, and beyond.

It stands at a towering height of 394 feet (120 meters) and weighs a staggering 5.5 million pounds (2.5 million kilograms).

Starship is made of stainless steel, which gives it both strength and  durability, and is powered by six Raptor engines that generate over 16  million pounds of thrust.

The rocket is designed to be fully reusable, meaning it can land safely and be refueled for future missions.

Starship has a payload capacity of up to 100 metric tons, making it the largest spacecraft ever built.

It is capable of carrying up to 100 passengers, as well as multiple  cargo modules, making it an ideal vehicle for interplanetary travel.

Starship is designed to eventually replace SpaceX's current fleet of  rockets and spacecraft, including the Falcon 9 and Dragon spacecraft.

The company plans to use Starship to launch satellites, ferry passengers  to space tourism destinations, and establish a permanent human presence  on Mars.

SpaceX has already conducted several successful test flights of  Starship, including a high-altitude test that demonstrated the rocket's  ability to perform a controlled landing.

Despite a few setbacks and explosive failures during testing, SpaceX  remains committed to the development of Starship

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