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In this web Story, we will discuss the Computer courses that are in Demand In India.They offer good amount of salary after getting placements. 

Created By : Dilraj Gurjar

Data Science

A data Science starting salary is 4 to 5 lacs and can go up to 50 lacs per year in India. A three years master's program is required to become a Data scientist. 



One of the toughest jobs and gives you a great salary, Like you can get 10 -15 lacs per month. You have to prevent cyber attacks and work for cleaning systems. 


Software Development

It is a good job if you want to become a software engineer and gives you a great salary of 10-15 lacs per year according to your experience level. 


Web Designing

You have to design a website, planing, designing, user-friendly websites. You can make designs in Adobe software.  It gives you a 4-5 lacs entry salary in India. 


Data Analyst

Once, data is collected then it should be analyzed, and based on the analysis decision are taken. This job offers you 12 -13 lacs Per year salary. 


Big Data Analyst

It is the same job as Data Analyst but here data is in millions. So it is very difficult to understand the patterns of Data and Analyse the Data. It offers 17 -20 Lac per year annual salary. 


Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning

An AI Specialist can get 50 lacs to a 01 Crore Salary per annum. You have to meet the qualification criteria for getting a job. You have to develop a system that simulates human behavior.  


Multimedia and Animation Course

VFX and Animations Are high in demand these days. Every YouTuber wants a good video editor and every coaching classes want a good video editor and animator. It offers you  20 to 25 lacs per year. 


Digital Marketing

It is a demanding job nowadays. If you have best skills of Digital marketing, then you do not need any jobs, you can make millions of dollars by doing your own business. 


Blockchain Technology

It is expanding rapidly. Governments are also working in the blockchain sector to revolutionize banking sectors. It offers you 10-20 lacs per year. 


Computer Courses for Earn Money Online in 2023

Computer Courses for Earn Money Online in 2023

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