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Basically in this web story, we will talk about the Top Most It companies in the world. You can get a job in them as a software developer and IT departments. 

Created by : Deepanshi Jain

Microsoft (1975) 

It is the World's leading System software company founded by Bill Gates. We all know about the Microsoft Windows, operating system Owned by the Microsoft. 



It is a renowned American technological company.  Its full name is international business machines, Established in 1924. It works on AI blockchain and Machine Learning, Clouds. 



It is listed in the future global 500. It is a multinational company that mainly works for management consulting business that offers professional services 



It is an American well-known company headquartered in Redwood Shores, California. It has a workforce of around  40000 over 150 countries. It has almost 1500 patented products globally. 



It works mainly for Corporate area applications. It is the third biggest firm by market value.  It has almost 4lacs clients with 170 countries. 


TCS - Tata Consultancy Services

It is an Indian company owned by Tata Sons and Groups. It is headquartered in Mumbai India. It is ranked 10th in the fortune global 500. It is a top leading company in IT. 



It has a workforce of almost 1.5 lacs. It is the leader in the leader in BPOs, analytics, engineering, apps, security, cloud, and IT outsourcing, among other things.


Delloite Consulting

It is headquartered in New York USA.  Basically, It is established in the UK.  It is one of the largest management consulting organizations, It generates revenue from IT consulting. 



It is a French multinational company Headquartered in Paris. It works in almost 42 nations. It recruits 1lac people in India almost. It has 2 lacs employees all over the world.



It has headquarters in the USA. It is also a Nasdaq member and has ranked 250 in the Fortune 500. It mainly works for banking sectors. 


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