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It is not easy for an average student to crack the IITs and Get Into IIts. So he/she can follow these tips to get enter into the IITs. 

Created by : Deepanshi Garg

Start Early and Plan Strategically

The first hack is to start preparing  for the JEE exams as early as possible. The earlier you start, the more  time you will have to study and practice.


Take Mock Tests and Analyze Your Performance

Taking practise examinations is a great approach to be ready for the JEE exams. Mock exams replicate the actual exam atmosphere and assist you in becoming acquainted with the pattern and sorts of questions.


Improve Your Speed and Accuracy

Speed and precision are two important criteria in JEE test performance. You must answer a big number of questions accurately in a short amount of time. 


Take Help from Online Platforms

There are several online platforms that provide JEE preparation courses and materials in today's digital environment. These sites provide you access to study resources, practice examinations, and expert advice. 


Stay Motivated and Positive

At the very least, it is important to remain motivated and positive throughout the preparation process. The JEE examinations can be very difficult, and it is easy to lose desire or confidence. 


Make Good Peer Group

You must make good peer groups who are good in PCM and get good marks on the test. I will help you ace the exam also. 



In a nutshell, admission to an IIT is a goal for many students, but it takes hard work, dedication, and a planned approach. The tricks explained in this article can assist ordinary learners in getting into IITs.


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