How to Study: Top 20 Tips To get 100 % Productivity with 100% Focus » Careers Raedy How to Study: Top 20 Tips To get 100 % Productivity with 100% Focus » Careers Raedy

Practice self-discipline

You have to stay motivated. Discipline is essential in your life and you have to follow disciplined life. 


Created By : Deepanshi Jain

Stay positive

You must keep negative things away from yourself and seeks always positivity towards your goal. 


Reward Yourself

Rewarding yourself can be a better idea to keep focus on studies. Just make reward system for yourself it keeps burnout away. 


Avoid procrastination

Do not make plans for your last minutes. Keep doing study slow and steady, grows your focus 100 times. 


Take breaks

Taking breaks in the studies makes your brain relaxed and ready for grab new things. Do not overloaded your mind. 


Find a Study partner 

It is great idea if you find a good study partner who focuses on study. Keeps you both energizes and stress free. 


Use study groups

Join a study group to help you stay motivated and learn from others. Group must be specific about study group. 


Focus on one task at a time

Focus only on single task gives you 100 % focus on studies, Do not do multiple tasks at a time. 


Stay organized

You must keep your study materials organized and very easy to access them for study. 


Take care of your health

Health must be taken care of at the time studying. Eat healthy food and do regularly exercises. 


Use Study Aids 

Use flash card and Notes for your studies and take classes for weak topics and take help from internet. 


Eliminate distractions

While doing study turn off your smartphones and dedicate those hours to only your study nothing else. 


Prioritize your tasks

Focus on the most important tasks first and work your way down the list. So it keeps you busy all day. 


Use a planner

Keep track of your schedule and deadlines in a planner. It will help you to complete syllabus on time. 


Make a to-do list

Write down everything you need to accomplish for the day. It should be done before starting your day. 


Break up your study sessions

You must takes brakes in between study to keep your brain refresh and recharge. 


Use positive affirmations

Tell yourself positive affirmations like "I can do this" or "I am capable."


Use a timer

Set a timer for a specific amount of time and take a break once the timer goes off. So timer will help you to get more output. 


Find a quiet place to study

Avoid distractions such as TV, music, or noisy areas. Other wise you will get irritation and can not focus on study. 


Create a study schedule

Set a specific time for studying and stick to it. It will be your lifeline for focusing on study.  It makes you tension free for your goal. 


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