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NEET UG is the toughest exam for the aspirant of NEET UGC, In this competitive world you have to understand the basics demands of the exam and the right way to Preparation. 

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Should we start in 11th ? 

Yes, you must start your NEET UG preparation. You can start it on the 9th if you good in study. 


Understanding NEET UG 

Before starting Preparation for NEET, We have to understand the Demand for NEET UG. If you understands NEET UG demand you have already won the half of battle. 


Memorise Syllabus 

Yes, I know it is a silly thing, but believe me, if you remember NEET Syllabus, you better know about the Exam paper and your capability to solve questions will be 10 times. 


Check PYQs of NEET

Now check all the PYQs for almost the last 20 years. Do your analysis and try to understand the type of questions and behavior of the question. 


Right Study Materials

Make sure, you have good study materials and do not some low-quality materials. Prefer NCERT and Some Standard books and coaching notes. 


Join Coaching Classes 

If you, do not feel motivated while doing study for NEET UG then you must join a best coaching institute, I advice prefer offline coaching. 


Do Revision Daily 

If you do revision on a daily basis you will be in a good position to grab things very easily and memorize them for long time. You have to revise daily whatever you have studied.


Maintain Discipline 

You are a NEET UG aspirant, you have to study regularly whether you are studying for 5 hours or 10 hours. Maintain discipline in your life, it pays you success. 


Check Your Progress 

After reding a lot of content you have tp check your progress which is self-assessment. Ask questions to yourself like are you going in the right direction? 


Keep Your Self Esteem High 

You are preparing in good way then you should keep yourself positive and self motivated, do not spend time with negative thing that can hinder your success. 


NEET UG Alternative 

Although you were preparing well but in some cases, you were not able to crack the NEET UG exam then you can think about some alternatives. 

NEET UG alternative career option

What is the NEET UG, Exam Patten, Syllabus – A Comprehensive Guide and How to Prepare

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