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Choose Your Goal 

Firs of all you have to choose your goal. In future what you want to be, Or what is your aspiration. Like IAS, IPS etc 


Created By : Dilraj Gurjar

Choose Your Path 

After choosing goal you have to choose your path for your career. Path means How will you prepare Self or coaching for the exam. 


Make a Strategy

After choosing path and goal. it is time to make proper strategy to get success in the competitive exam. 


Work On Strategy 

After making solid strategy, work on your strategy step by step. I hop you should make strategy simple and precise. 


Complete Your Syllabus 

You should complete your syllabus in a time bound manner according to the strategy. 


Solve PYQs

After completing syllabus it's time to solve previous years question papers. You have to solve almost 10 years PYQs to get good result.   


Get Insights From PYQs

While solving PYQs try to get insight about PYQ like which topic is important and in which topic you are weak.


Revision Your Syllabus 

After PYQs, you have to revision your syllabus multiple times with only one source. if you are doing revision with multiple source, doesn't make sense. 


Check Your weakness

Now give mock test and check your weakness, in which topic you are weak and revision that topic for multiple time and clear your doubts about them


Be confident 

If you have done all the procedure then you have to confident. Because you are going to get good marks in exam and cracking the competition exam. 


Bye -Bye 

I hope this tips helps you in studies and gives you some motivation for study. If you like these kind of web stories then please share it with your friends. And check web-stories time to time.  Your Digital mitra - Dilraj  

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