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If you aspire to Engineer at IIT then you have to IIT JEE exam, But it is not the cup of tea for everyone, You have to understand that how to prepare for IIT JEE is a Crucial task. 

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If you are struggling to crack JEE exam, then You should rigorously follow these instructions to clear the IIT JEE. 

Setting Clear Goals

One of the first steps in preparing for the IIT JEE Mains is to set  clear goals. Determine the rank you aim to achieve and create a study  plan accordingly.


Understanding the Exam Pattern

Without understanding the pattern of the Exam, you can not clear any Exam in this world, take one day to understand only the syllabus. 


Creating a Study Schedule

Do you think creating a study schedule helps in the ace exam? Yes, it helps if you implement it throughly. 


Choosing the Right Study Materials

The right study material should be preferred. Yes, you have to choose the right Coaching and Right Study material. Check the top 10 JEE coaching In India. 


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Effective Study Techniques

Effective Study habits are very important to maintain discipline in the study. You have to develop these habits. 

Understanding Concepts

When you study any topic from video class or from the book, then you must clear the concept, you will never forget concepts that's why it is important. 


Practice Regularly

Have you heard about practice makes perfect? If you heard it then you better know about doing practice to clear any exam like JEE. 


Mock Tests and Time Management

Mock test and time management is also important factor that delivers success to the aspirants. 


Seeking Guidance and Support

It is always beneficial to seek guidance from experienced mentors or  join reputable coaching institutes that specialize in IIT JEE  preparation.


Keeping a Healthy Lifestyle

While academic preparation is important, it is equally crucial to maintain a healthy lifestyle during your preparation period.

Proper Sleep and Rest

There is a need for proper sleep and rest so that your brain can function properly. If you take proper rest and sleep, it will keep you healthy and fresh. 


Healthy Diet plan 

Healthy diet is equally important in your preparation like your study and study materials. 


Here, I am not able to describe all the Tips and tricks for Cracking IIT JEE Exam, because Web -the story Format, If you want tp know a full tutorial on this then swipe and get the full tutorial. 

How to prepare for IIT JEE