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After Covid 19, We shift drastically to Online Learning. This will have big impact on our education while using new coming technologies like Augmented Reality, AI, Mobile Learning

Online Learning


There is a flexibility in Online learning from Coursera, Udemy and edx. We can pause, rewind video classes, Take live classes at our favorite place.

Mobile Learning


It revolutionized our learning by giving  access to resources, study materials any time. Can collaborate with peers, teachers & can get eBooks, educational apps, virtual classrooms

Virtual Reality


VR is transforming the way students learn by providing engaging and  interactive experiences that promote deeper understanding and retention  of information.

Artificial  Intelligence


Through AI-powered tools, educators can analyze large amounts of data on  student performance, allowing to identify areas where  students may be struggling or excelling.



It is making learning more engaging and fun by game design elements to motivate students to learn. By providing incentives and rewards, this can help  to stay motivated & engaged.

Collaboration Tools


Collaboration tools are also being used to facilitate distance learning and remote work. Tools like Zoom and WebEx provide video conferencing

Augmented Reality


 By providing  students with interactive and immersive way to explore concepts  and ideas. Technology continues to evolve, we can expect to see  even more uses of augmented reality.

Accessibility Tools


 These tools help students with disabilities to overcome barriers to learning and participate fully in educational activities.

The Future of Education


In the future of education, technology will continue to play an  increasingly important role, providing new opportunities for students to  learn and grow.



As we move into the future of education, it's becoming increasingly  clear that technology will continue to play a vital role in providing  the best possible learning experiences for all.

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