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Recently, ISRO has Launched the Chandrayaan-3 Mission For Moon Here are the Top Five facts about the Chandrayaan -3 Mission 

It was Up-gradation 

In 2019, ISRO launched the mission Chandaryaan -2 but it was failed during rover landing on MOON. 


What Upgraded 

This Upgrades Include - Biggr Fuel Tank, Solar Panels on all four sides  instead of just two.  Navigation Instruments, Additional test & strength. 


Soft Land 

To get the Ability of soft land is a crucial technology for ISRO.  ISRO needs this technology to hangout with the big boys. Like Spacex Russia & China 


Wind Tunnel Tests 

Chandaryaan-3 was launched by the LVM MK 3rd. This launch vehicle tested before the launch in the tunnel through more than 3000 wind tunnel tests. 



Shri Hari kota was the launch pad for Chandaryaan -3 mission. It was choosen because ot os situated in the eastern coast Easier to launch rockets. 


Moons's South Pole 

All space craft  landed on the Moon's equator. But polar region have much more difficult terrain 


Why Moons's South Pole 

Because it remained unexplored. It could be interesting, There are indication of present of ICE molecule in the region. 


Why Moons's South Pole 

Chandrayaan- 1 indicated the presence of water in the Moon. 


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