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UPSC is the toughest Exam in the world it comes 2nd rank in the list of toughest exams in the world. UPSC gives you an opportunity to become an IAS and IPS officer. 

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Rigorous Selection Process

It has a rigorous selection process, You have to give 12 papers,  Prelims - 2 papers,  Mains 9 papers, and Interview. 


Vast Syllabus

Anybody who wants to become an IAS officer faces a vast syllabus of almost 14 to 20 subjects which are very dynamic in nature. The syllabus is like a mountain that is biggest.  


Current Affairs Significance

If you are not reading current affairs on a daily basis then it can become the biggest hurdle to get success in the UPSC IAS exam. 


Long Exam Duration

UPSC conducts two exams per day, It means pre exam will be conducted in a single day, Pre has two papers Gs and CSAT, Like it mains will be completed in 5 days with 09 papers. 


Negative Marking

UPSC pre has negative marking, which means if you do guesswork it can lead mark deduction from your correctly answered questions. In UPSC gues work does not work. 


High Competition

There is only a 0.01 Chance of Final selection. Almost 5 to 6 lakh appear for Pre, but only 12K to 13k will be selected for mains, and For Interviews almost 2k to 2.5K only.  


Optional Subject Choice

There are 2 papers on the Optional subject that are chosen by the candidate. Candidates can choose his/ here favorite optional subject for UPSC exam. 


Personality Test 

The final stage of the UPSC CSE Exam is the Interview which is called the PT. It carries only 275 marks. 5 eminent personalities take the interview of the candidate. 


Time-bound Preparation

If you do not prepare in the time-bound manner and according to the study plan then you will be messed up with the exam that is called chavurah 


Holistic Development

The UPSC IAS exam not only evaluates the candidate’s knowledge but also focuses on their holistic development like critical thinking, problem-solving abilities, leadership.


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