Has the government withdrawn the law?

Amidst the increasing hit and run cases on Indian roads, the government has introduced a new law that provides for taking strict action on such incidents. Hit and Run New Law The aim is to increase road safety and crack down on reckless drivers. However, this law has created a lot of controversy among truck and bus drivers. And today in this article we will know in detail what this law is and how it will affect the truck driver and the general public.

Also let us tell you that the government has recently issued a statement in which it has said that it will not implement this law now and Hit and Run New Law Singh from everything There has been some delay yet as Union Home Secretary, Ajay Bhalla, on Tuesday asked the Indian Motor Transport Congress (AIMTC) to implement the new penal provision related to 'hit-and-run' (fleeing the spot after an accident) cases. Only after consultation will a decision be taken on whether to implement this rule or not. Home Secretary Bhalla also appealed to AIMTC and all the agitating truck drivers to come back to work. So, in such a situation, it is important for all of you to know that if this new law is returned then it is not good, if it is returned then will there be any changes and how will it affect you.

Highlights of hit and run new law

According to the new law under the Indian Judicial Code, if a driver causes the death of a person by negligent driving and flees the scene of the incident without informing, he will be punished with imprisonment of up to ten years and/or a fine of ₹7- The punishment can be a fine of up to Rs 10 lakh. Earlier, the British-era Indian Penal Code had no specific provision for hit-and-run cases, and a maximum punishment of two years or a fine could be imposed in such cases.

new vs old laws

FactorOld Law (IPC)New Law (Indian Judicial Code)
period of punishmentmaximum 2 yearsmaximum 10 years
FineLimitedUp to ₹7-10 lakh
incident reportingNot compulsoryMandatory

Truck drivers' protest and their main concerns

Truck drivers across India Hit and Run New Law Protest Has been demonstrated extensively. Their main argument is that this law will increase the risk to their employment and harsh punishments can be given even for small mistakes. Additionally, he is also of the view that the law can be misused.

Government response and way forward

The government has communicated with truck drivers on this subject and listened to their concerns. The purpose of this conversation is to ensure that the purpose of Hit and Run New Law is only to increase road safety and it is not used unjustly.

Impact of hit and run new law on society

This new law is an important step in terms of road safety, but there is controversy regarding its impact on society. On the one hand, this law sends a strong message against reckless driving, on the other hand, there are concerns about its possible misuse. This law can be misused and innocent drivers can be implicated. Well, all these things are yet to be discussed and only after all the discussions the government can implement or remove it.

main point

  • The new law provides for a prison sentence of ten years and a fine of ₹7-₹10 lakh.
  • Widespread protest by truck drivers.
  • Dialogue continues between the government and the drivers.
  • Road safety and impact on society.

Importance of Indian Judicial Code

The Indian Judicial Code is a landmark change in the Indian penal system, in which crimes and their punishments have been updated to suit the needs of modern India.

Hit and run new law review

conclusion: The new hit and run law has taken an important step towards increasing safety on Indian roads. However, its implementation and impact still needs discussion and deliberation.

FAQ Questions related to the new hit and run law

What is the new law of hit and run?

The new hit and run law provides for a jail term of up to 10 years and a fine of up to ₹7 lakh for drivers.

Why did truck drivers protest against this law?

Truck drivers believe that the new law will increase the risk to their employment and could lead to harsher punishments even for minor mistakes.

How did the government address drivers' concerns?

The government interacted with truck drivers and listened to their concerns, so that the law is only aimed at enhancing road safety and is not used unjustly.

What impact will the new law have on society?

The law promotes road safety, but there are concerns about its misuse, which can have wide-ranging impacts on society.

What is the Indian Judicial Code and what is its importance?

The Indian Judicial Code is a modern legal framework that brings the Indian penal system in line with the needs of the present times.

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