First authentic copy of Ravi Varma's 'Indulekha' unveiled


of painter Raja Ravi Varma On the occasion of his 176th birth anniversary, Painting 'Indulekha' first authentic copy of Kilimanoor Palace Will be displayed in.

related facts

  • Apart from this painting, other artworks will also be displayed during the event. in these Pooyam Thirunal C.R., late member of Kilimanoor Palace. Kerala Varma (Pooyam Thirunal CR Kerala Varma), which was painted by another member of the palace, K. Portrayed by Ravi Varma.

    • Apart from this, paintings of Raja Ravi Varma's brother-sister C. Rajaraja Varma and Mangala Bai will also be dedicated.
    • These artworks have been prepared by painter Suresh.

Kilimanoor Palace

  • This palace is located in Kilimanoor, Kerala, India.
  • it Famous painter Raja Ravi Varma Is the birthplace of.
  • Additionally, Raghava Varma, father of Raja Martanda Varma, also belonged to this palace.

About Raja Ravi Varma

  • Raja Ravi Verma was an Indian painter.
  • other names: Koil Thampuran of Kilimanoor, Ravi Varma Koil Thampuran.
  • date of birth: April 29, 1848.
  • birth place: He was born in Kilimanoor Palace.
    • This place was located near Trivandrum in the princely state of Travancore.
    • present situation: It is now part of Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala.
  • Artistic Style: He was known for blending Hindu mythology with European painting styles.
    • Famous for: Ravi Varma is famous for his remarkable paintings, which are mainly based on ancient mythological stories known as Puranas and the Indian epics Mahabharata and Ramayana.
    • Along with Hindu mythology, Varma in India Also made portraits of both Indian and British people.

  • artistic achievements
    • He was the first Indian to use oil paint.
    • He mastered lithographic reproduction in his work.

  • Some of the most famous paintings of Ravi Varma are:-
    • Damayanti talking to swan
    • Shakuntala's search for Dushyant
    • Nair woman styling her hair
    • Shantanu and Matsyagandha

  • Recognition
    • They In 1873 AD, he was awarded a gold medal by the Governor for the exhibition of his paintings in Vienna.
    • Ravi Varma's paintings were displayed at the World Columbian Exhibition held in Chicago in 1893 AD.
      • He received two gold medals for his contributions.
    • Kaisar-i-Hind Gold Medal
      • In the year 1904, Viceroy Lord Curzon, representing the King, presented the prestigious award to Raja Ravi Varma. Kaisar-e-Hind Gold Medal has been awarded.
        • Thus for the first time they 'Raja Ravi Verma' Started being addressed from.

  • Contribution to Indian art
    • Initiated a new movement by blending Western realism with Indian themes.
    • Established a lithographic press in 1894 AD to produce large-scale copies of his paintings.

Indulekha painting background

  • This is a 19th century painting.
  • Of 'Reclining Lady' The famous painting was created by Ravi Varma.
  • It is believed that this painting was based on Indulekha.
    • 'Indulekha' O is based on a character from Chandu Menon's first modern Malayalam novel.
      • this novel year 1889 Was published in.
  • The unveiling of the painting provided a new direction to the art community since it came into the public domain in the year 2022.

Description of painting

  • The oil painting depicts Indulekha holding a letter for her lover Madhavan.
    • Madhavan was the hero of the novel of the year 1892.
  • Unique Feature: The painting is characterized by meticulous attention to detail and an exaggerated sense of symmetry.
  • Recently, it was awarded the Heritage Conservation and Research Academy. Madhan S. Was restored by.

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